• We are using the Ethereum blockchain as a backbone for the economic side of the game.

  • TokenS

    The Nexium

    It has been created on the Ethereum BlockChain.

    As a standard token smartcontract, it can be referenced and used in Mist (the official Ethereum Wallet). It can then be used to buy all assets of Beyond the void.

    The Nexium

    At an early stage, it will be used by the funders and first backers to represent their respective involvement in the project. During the crowdfunding, it will be sold to backers and players.

  • The Store

    Beside the game, we are creating a store that will allow to buy or trade assets with other players. This store is a simple commodity, as you are always free to trade directly on the blockchain. Everything is traded with Nexiums.

    The increase of scarcity

    Each time we sell a newly created asset, we will “burn” half of the Nexium received. It means that half of the tokens you send us will be destroyed. As the game gains in momentum, the token and some rare assets will become “collector”.

  • Standard API

    As the Nexium has been created using standard token functions, it integrates seamlessly into the Ethereum ecosystem, letting others actors to interact with us.

    Nexium on Exchange

    As soon as the store is launched, the Nexium can be used to buy assets. At a later stage it might be added to other exchanges.