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  • This project has been crowdfunded by an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the game currency, the Nexium. Backers had to use Ethers, a digital payment system for funding development projects, to purchase Nexiums. Several addresses were available to send Ethers. All of the Ethers were tied to a contract that served as an escrow until the fixed ICO goal of 110 000 € was reached.

    Now that the ICO ended, we will allow the backers to retrieve their bonus according to their backer ranks very soon (see our project’s timeline).


  • The Nexium

    • We created 100 000 000 Nexiums using a smart contract (the amount is fixed).
    • They can’t be mined.
    • All unsold Nexiums will be burnt (meaning destroyed).
    • Nexiums can be spent in the game’s shop or traded.
    • Allocation of Nexiums:
      • 15% for the founders.
      • 15% for promoting the game.
      • 70% for crowdfunding and other backers.
    • If you would like to know more about the Nexium, you can visit the Nexium page



    Nexium on exchange

    Nexiums are available for exchange on PoloniexOpenledger and Etherdelta as soon as the crowdfunding is finished.

    It might be available on other exchange platforms as well, but this is still under discussion.

  • ICO Report


     Total NxC issued  100,000,000
     NxC allocated to the token sale (including the presale)  70,000,000
     NxC allocated to the promotion  15,000,000
     NxC divided between the 4 teammates  15,000,000


     NxC sold  4,245,183
     ETH raised  4,238


     NxC sold for ETH  22,008,962
     NxC sold for BCY  6,896,022
     Total NXC sold for crowdfunding  28,904,984
     ETH raised  30,395
     BCY raised  515,143

    Backer ranks

     Bonus NxC distributed for the presale  621,780
     Bonus NxC distributed for the ICO  2,749,640
     Total NXC sold  36,521,587
     Unsold NxC to be burned  33,478,413
     NxC final amount  66,521,587