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  • Frequently asked questions about...

    Backing tHe project

  • Why should I invest in the game ?

    The Nexium ICO has two main purposes:
    Fund the game’s development
    Get the Nexium tokens circulating to allow the players to purchase from the shop (the shop only currency will be Nexiums).

    We won’t sell Nexiums in the game’s shop ourselves. The players will have to buy them from the market. Some backers may consider holding Nexiums for a period and then selling them to players.
    See the Nexium section of our FAQ to know how the Nexium value may increase.

    Am I paid part of the future game revenue?

    No. As a backer in the Nexium ICO, you are buying a specific number of Nexiums, not a portion of the game’s revenue.

    What do you mean when you say you use a smart contract as an escrow ?

    What we mean is if the goal of 110 000€ is not reached we can’t touch the funds which in this case are to be returned to the backers.
    The milestones we published are meant to give you a development schedule for the game, but do not serve as an escrow.

    What are the milestones of your project ?

    You can find the milestones of our project at the bottom of our crowdfunding page. The list describes features and actions that should be completed by the given milestone.
    They are meant to give you an idea of our development schedule. However, they don’t serve as an escrow as the money from the backers will be unlocked after we reach the 110 000€ goal.

    How can I back the project ?

    Several addresses will be available to send Ethers (ETH) or Bitcrystals (BCY). Please note that we don’t accept the Ethereum Classic (ETC).

    I know a lot of people that would be interested in funding the project. Can we have a group discount ?

    We have an offer available for partners. If you promote the ICO for us, you will be given a special promo code. This promo code works with a smart contract that allows you to keep 10% of the token sold through you and gives 5% discount to your backers if you reach a minimum of 10 000$ worth of token sold.

    What are the ranks detailed in the crowdfunding section ? Is it in-game ranks or investors ranks ?

    The ranks are backer ranks. Backers get more bonuses as the amount of Nexium they buy increases. There are four types of bonus items:
    In-game assets such as skins, hototags etc
    Additional Nexiums.
    Earlier access to the game’s shop.
    Additional discounts on new items in the game’s shop.

    For example, if you back the project for 400 000 Nexiums, you will get 10% of bonus Nexiums, 5% discount in the game’s shop, and 5 days of store early access. In addition, you will receive game’s assets such as an Epic skin (Excalibur) and Tactician packs.

  • Frequently asked question about...

    The Nexium

  • What will make the value of Nexium grow?

    The following factors could increase the value of Nexium over time:

    The scarcity of the Nexium will increase:
    – At the end of the ICO crowdsale, all Nexium not distributed or sold will we burned.
    – Additional Nexium cannot be mined or created.
    – The game burns half of the Nexium received each time a newly created asset is sold.

    As the size of the player community grows, demand for Nexium should increase.


    How one can buy Nexiums in the game after the ICO, and who is the seller?

    Players can purchase Nexiums from the market. We are working on a feature that will enable players to purchase Nexium from exchange platforms directly from the game’s shop.


    Are Nexiums used only between the players, or can anyone buy Nexium and assets like Skins from the game’s shop?

    Anybody can purchase items from the shop, not just players. The items are on the Ethereum blockchain, so they are also tradable outside the game. Most items are made available in limited quantities.


    Is the Nexium token contract available ?

    You can find the Nexium token contract here: https://beyond-the-void.net/index.php/nexium/


    Is the crowdfunding contract available ?

    The crowdfunding contract is ready by now, we will publish it before the crowdfunding starts, in the next couple of weeks.


    If items are bought from Game provided shop, what happens to “used” Nexiums?

    When we sell newly created items in the game’s shop, the shop burns half of the Nexiums received. The other half goes back to the market. (When people use the shop to trade game assets, no Nexiums are burnt.)


    Is the Nexium price fixed ? Where can I see it ?

    Yes, the Nexium price is fixed and will be announced on 24th of October. The price of Nexium in Eth will strictly follow a precise schedule. During the crowdfunding, the price will always increase, and never decrease. That’s why it is more interesting to be an early backer!

  • Frequently asked questions about...

    The game’s shop and alpha

  • What do you sell in the shop ?

    You can find a detailed list on our shop page.


    Why people would purchase from the shop ?

    Dozens of millions of players around the world play competitive free-to-play games.
    Major e-sports event have more watchers than some prime-time shows on national TV.

    Beyond the Void is a hybrid of two very popular game genres: RTS (Real-time strategic game) and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

    It is proven by many games that player have a tendency to purchase vanity content for games they like.


    Is there a game alpha that I can test ?

    Our alpha is still private and for development purposes. The Beta for the backers is scheduled next February.


    Can I see what the game looks like ?

    Yes, we released several gameplay videos and a teaser that you can find on our Youtube channel and in the video section of our website.


    Can I see the game’s code ?

    No. The game’s code is not open source. The crowdfunding smart contracts will be published before the ICO starts. You can find the Nexium token smart contract here: https://beyond-the-void.net/index.php/nexium/

  • Frenquently asked questions about...

    The bounties

  • Are there any bounties for dev work, translations, etc. ?

    There is a development bounty open, see details on the smart contract page.