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  • Hundreds of years ago, people discovered the most powerful matter in the universe, called “the cube”. This marvelous discovery brought about a new kind of technology that enabled them to travel among the stars. Soon, however, reserves of the “Cubes” ran low. These people had to expand even further, and great noble families went to war to control the precious matter. With the help of its allies, the most powerful noble family brought about peace and founded a galactic empire. The families, known as houses, were the Harkon, Asgar, Syan, Morsith and Estherid.

    Now, cubes only found in wild systems beyond the edge of the galaxy. The Barons of the houses will do anything to get them. Captains with powerful Motherships fight in their names for the control of the cubes.

  • What is Beyond the Void ?

    Beyond the Void is an RTS (real time strategic game) with MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) elements.
    In a one-versus-one battle against another player, your are in control of one Mothership, among the most powerful warships in the universe. You can customize your Mothership with Skills, and can shape the map with Event cards.

    Easy to learn, hard to master

    You can jump right into the game and have fun.
    But, if you want to be among the best players, you have to sharpen your skills and strategies.

    Never the same

    Each game is customized by both players.
    Therefore, each game is unique. The gameplay will be fun, dynamic, and original each time.

    An infinity of strategies

    Choose your mothership, customize its gameplay with skills, and customize the world with event cards.
    You will have hundreds of combinations and an infinity of strategies.


    When you are ready, jump into the ladder and try to climb it.
    Each win will bring you closer to the next higher league, until you join the best level of players: The diamond league.


  • Gameplay Teaser

    Let’s see what the game looks like

  • The map

    The map of Beyond the Void, by default, contains 6 planets you can conquer and several asteroïd fields where you can find “Cubes”. The unique feature is that everything is moving, orbiting around the sun. Therefore, the map changes with each game.
    Each map has the same gameplay setup, but a different ambiance: Explore the quiet blue galaxy, the red nebula where ancient artifacts are floating, or even the toxic system where mythic creatures evolve.

    You can change the gameplay and map setup by using an Event card. This lets you enhance the game and rely on your favorite strategies.


  • The mothership

    wallk2 excalibur

    Motherships are the most powerful warships in the galaxy. Each mothership has unique strengths and weaknesses. In addition to its unique design, each mothership has two powerful skills: An ultimate and a passive.

    The ultimate is a powerful skill, specific to a mothership. It is unique and can be “game changer”, usually with a long cooldown. Learning how and when to use your ultimate can win the game for you.

    The passive can be quite complex. It influences the gameplay of your mothership, from protecting your units to cloaking the units around you. The passive can change everything you know about the battle.

    These two skills make flying a mothership a unique experience.

  • The skills


    You can customize your mothership with three types of skills:

    • Movement affects your movement or the enemy movement.
    • Offensive will… well… do a ton of damage.
    • Utility can have various effects such as repairing your fleet, incapacitating your enemy, and boosting your fleet.

    With these skills and your mothership, you can customize your gameplay to support specific strategies, and find original combinations to ensure your victory.

  • The planets


    Your mothership can conquer planets during the game. Planets can build satellites and act as a defense tower too. If the enemy fleet comes too close, it will suffer the effects of the planetary defense system. Planets are the core of your domination over a solar system.

    Destroy or conquer all your enemies’ planets to win the game.

    The satellite & build tree

    Each planet you conquer can have two satellites that belong to one of the three main types:

    • Economic satellites can build a harvester to gather “cubes” from the asteroid field. The “cubes” are required to build your fleet, do research, and use your skills. An economic satellite can be upgraded to be more effective.
    • Military satellites can build differents kind of warship. You can upgrade a military satellite to unlock more powerful unit for your fleet.
    • Technical satellites can build specialized structures, do research to enhance your fleet/mothership, or even discover new technologies to win on the battlefield. You can upgrade technical satellites to unlock more powerful technologies.

    The fleet

    You can build spaceships with your planet’s satellites. Your fleet can be composed of very different ships, from small fast frigates, to heavy destroyers, to support units that can repair your ships during battle or defend your asteroid field.

    Tech research satellites

    During the game, you can use technical satellites to research and develop new technologies for your mothership and fleet. For example, can unlock useful units like the “deployable defense system”…
    Tech research satellites are still in the early stages of development.

  • Event cards


    Event cards can shape the world, change the rules, or bring content during the game. Before the match starts, you can choose one or more event cards to play. Each card has an effect on the game. It will change your experience and the “flow” of the battlefield. Every week, several cards are available for you to play for free. If you want to unlock a card permanently, you can buy it in the shop.

    Game Points

    At the end of each game, you gain game points or GP. Of course, you gain more if you win and if you play in ranked. GP is a way for you to unlock content for free, and it’s the only way to unlock skills.

  • Vanity content


    Do you want to look unique and amazing? There are several vanity assets in the shop to do that!

    Each mothership has several alternate appearances that are available in the shop. You will find avatars, titles, and Holotags, too.

    And if you want to unlock stuff faster, you can buy one of the Starter packs. These let you jump into the game with some motherships, skills, and bonus content already unlocked. Or, buy a “GP Boost” to gain more points at the end of a game.

    Buying a skin automatically gives you the access to that mothership while you have the skin in your possession.

    Ranked games & E-Sport scene

    Beyond the Void is designed to be competitive. What it means is that achieving victory depends on your choice of strategies, your ability to make tactical decisions, and your dexterity at managing your mothership & fleet on the battlefield.

    When you are ready, you can jump into a ranked game. This is a special mode with a rating system based on the classic Elo system.

    Win games to “climb the ladder” and measure yourself against the best players. During your journey in ranked mode, you will evolve within the 5 leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond.

    We hope that Beyond the Void will be played as an E-Sport and claim the place it deserves among the best competitive games.

    Streamer friendly

    Beyond the Void is designed to be fun to play, watch, and comment upon. Therefore, we will include all the tools streamers need to present a great show. In addition, we have a special offer for streamers to claim unique assets for distribution and/or sale to your viewers. More information about the streamer offer is coming soon…

    In constant evolution

    We will release new assets on a regular basis; probably every two months at first, then every month later on. These will include Motherships, Skills, Event cards, and vanity content. This way, there will always be a new way to play, a new strategy to find, and a new asset to collect. Along the way, we will pay special attention to balance and gameplay mechanics, so the gameplay is fair and interesting at each stage.