• FactsHeet

    The team :

    Maxence : Art Director / Developer

    Eric : Developer / Manager

    Rémi : Game designer / Ethereum contracts

    Manon: Communication / promotion

    Based in Lyon, France

    The game :


    Release date: 2017

    Available on PC & Mac

    Free to play


  • The schedule

    Mars 2016: the alpha version is up and running

    June 2016: private Nexium presale

    Septembre 2016: the shop is online

    October 2016: crowdfunding period

    February 2017: beta for backers

    March 2017: open beta

    June 2017: Game’s release

  • a little about..


    In 2015 our lead artist Maxence began to develop a real-time strategy space game. The idea was to make a free Multiplayer Online Battle Area (MOBA) to play with your friends or in a competition. Each game should be fun and fast (around 15 minutes).

    In February 2016, Eric joined the project and brought his knowledge about the blockchain technology. The Nexium token was created within the Ethereum blockchain and is even compatible with the token standard ERC #20 (for instance My Ether Wallet). As a result, we adhere to the true ownership concept : all the assets and in-game token can be given, sold or exchanged even outside the game’s context.

    Since last April Rémi has been working specifically on the game design and the Ethereum smart contracts, adding a third member to the team.


    THE gameplay

    Command your Mothership through an epic space war as you conquer planets and fight against your opponent’s fleet ! Choose wisely your skills and event cards during the game draft to fit your own gameplay and strategies.

    Build harvesters and manage your resources in real time to achieve one goal: defeat the enemy.

    A competitive game

    Beyond the Void is a competitive game. Players will be able to compete amongst them through the community.

    Tournaments are easily streamed, and interesting to watch. Each player has his own way to win, and with the different event cards and items, the game is never the same ! If the game is streamed on a large platform like Twitch or Youtube or many other famous streamers, it can draw a very large amount of players and viewers.


  • The features

    • Free to play: all the items useful for the gameplay can be won through the game.
    • Easy to learn, hard to master: there is lots of different ways to win and each player can forge his own strategy
    • Many motherships to collect
    • Dozens of skills to master
    • Ranked games with Elo Rating System
    • Nexium (game’s token) created within the Ethereum blockchain
    • Compatible with My Ether Wallet
    • More free and premium content will be added on a regular basis
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  • a little about..

    THE blockchain technology

    I keep reading words like « Blockchain » « Ethereum » « Cryptocurrency », what does that mean ?

    A cryptocurrency is a secured digital currency. It basically means that instead of having dollars or euros in your pocket you would have digital tokens which can be used for the same purposes: buy or sell things, back projects etc.

    Ether is one of the main cryptocurrencies on the market, there is others as such as Bitcoin, Bitcrystal, Steem and many more.

    What is new about it ?

    Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. That means that its value is not controlled or influenced by any bank or government. You can’t just print cryptocurrencies, you have to « mine » them. Everybody can do it like every body can mine gold or silver. All the transactions are stored in « blocks » for all the world to see. When a block is closed, another begins, and that’s what’s called the Blockchain.

    What are the Nexiums ?

    Nexiums are tokens created for Beyond the Void within the Ethereum Blockchain. You can’t mine those, you will have to buy them. Use your Nexiums to buy items in the shop !

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  • Logos & Artworks

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  • All images can be found here

    Download Beyond the Void Artworks