• How to


    The Nexium ICO is finished now, and we thank all our backers who support in Beyond the Void.

    Many of you backed the project using Bitcrystals (BCY), thus received the counterparty asset PROTONEXIUM instead of Nexiums.

    We provide a service to exchange PROTONEXIUM to Nexiums.

  • Here is a quick tutorial about how to do the ProtoNexium/Nexium exchange.

    First, type this URL in your browser or click on the link below:

    We recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

    1. a) Type in the Ethereum address on which you wish to receive your Nexiums. If you also backed the project with ETH, please use the same address to convert your PROTONEXIUM.
      You must own your Ethereum address, meaning you should have the private key. Do not use an exchange address.

       protonexium swap tool 1

      b) Press Enter.
      The tool will then generate automatically an address.

    2. Send your PROTONEXIUM to the address provided.


    3. The tool detects how many PROTONEXIUM you sent.


      Your Nexiums will be sent to the address you provided during the first step. This can take up to a few hours.



    A question, an issue ? You can always contact us at contact@beyond-the-void.net