• protonexium

    If you own BitCrystal (BCY), the Spells of Genesis game token, you can become a backer in the Beyond the Void ICO crowdfunding!

    For 1 BCY, you can buy 12 protoNexium. At the end of the ICO crowdfunding on November 30th, 2016, you can convert the protoNexiums 1-for-1 into Nexiums, the Beyond the Void game token.

    In other words, 1 BcY => 12 protoNexium => 12 Nexium


    You will have the same Backer Ranks as any other buyer of Nexium. Your ProtoNexiums will be burnt automatically they are converted into Nexiums.

    The first 5 million protoNexiums have already sold out. In partnership with Beyond the Void, EverdreamSoft (Spells of Genesis) has made another 5 million available for purchase, here: https://swapbot.tokenly.com/bot/spellsofgenesis/beyond-the-void#choose

    This might be the last offering of its type. Get them now before they’re gone!