• The SHOP overview

    The shop will sell newly created items (see the list below), but will also allow people to trade their own assets from the game. Learn how to create a buying or selling offer in the tutorial video below.

  • The shop item’s list

    Event Cards

    All event cards have an effect on the game. Choosing an event card changes the course of the game as well as the look and feel of the game map.

    For instance, we have a “solar eruption” event. When you play this event, the sunSolarEruptionerupts every two minutes and radiates beams that destroy ships that are too close. It can harm both players, so no one is directly advantaged by the event. 

    Discovering an opponent’s event during gameplay will encourage players to buy that event, or perhaps another related type of event.

    Witnessing a special event on YouTube or a stream raise interest in the game.

    In game, some event cards will be available for free. The available ones will be changed each week, so players will have to constantly adapt their strategies depending on which event cards are most played.

    Event cards are designed to add strategic possibilities to the game, make it funnier to play & watch. However, they should not directly impact the player’s win rate. There are no event cards more powerful than others as we don’t want the paying user being advantaged over the free user.


    With boosters, you win more game points at the end of the game. Some boosters will be effective for a certain amount of games (5, 10 games for example), and some for a certain amount of time (1 day, 1 week).


    Playing the same ship in all games becomes more fun if you can choose an alternative skin. It is not limited to the mothership artwork: sounds and alternative effects will be available as well. If the player feels strong with a ship, he can show it to the community by getting cool new looks for it.


    Print your mark on the battlefield ! Taunt your enemy and let your fans know who’s in charge




    Artworks you can display on your profile picture 



    Add a title such as “Doctor” at the beginning or “Nevronom killer” at the end of your nickname (and many more). Special titles are reserved for backers only (you can see the Backer ranks here).