Tuto Token

How to see my Nexium in THE Mist Wallet ?

You can see the Nexium stored on your Ethereum address using Mist. If you want to download Mist, check this page.

Once you launched Mist, follow these steps to check your Nexium amount :

1– Click on the CONTRACTS icon.


2– Click on the WATCH TOKEN icon :


3– This modal window should appear. Now, paste the token address, which is 0x45e42D659D9f9466cD5DF622506033145a9b89Bc in the field shown below.


4– If the address you pasted is correct, other fields will be automatically filled. Click OK to validate the process.


5– Once this is done, Nexium will appear in the CUSTOM TOKENS list. Now you can check your Nexium amount. To achieve this, return to the WALLETS page by clicking the icon.


6– On this page, account owning Nexium should have a mini logo beside the main logo of the account as shown below. Click on an account which own some Nexium.



7– in the detail of the account you can see the precise amount of nexium owned by the account.