B2Expand plans for 2018 and more

Hello everyone,

We are excited to present our success from last year and how it will impact 2018 to be our most  groundbreaking year for Beyond the Void (BTV) and the B2Expand Team.

Beyond the Void: From ICO to Early Access

Last year, Beyond the Void Game was the first project in France to be financed through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Since then, ICOs have become a more generalized way to launch projects and we are thankful for our supporters who have been with us since the beginning. Our goal is to be the industry leader for blockchain in gaming and look forward to working with other video game developers who want to utilize this model.

At the end of October 2017, BTV launched into early access on Steam. To date it has now been downloaded and played by almost 20,000 users. Player feedback through this limited-access period has provided us with useful details that will ultimately impact the final version of our game.
Here are some of our main objectives per quarter:

  • QUARTER 1: We’ve brought on a Community Manager, Etienne, who is and will be working within our Discord community and assisting with social media. We’ll also be publishing a new website, improve the positioning of our Reddit community, and increase engagement over all our social media channels. Expect a finalized gameplay update by the end of March 2018.
  • QUARTER 2: The in-game user interface (UI) will feature  an improved design that better suits the atmosphere of the game. Look forward to the addition of features for both Broadcasters and Spectators for Beyond the Void tournaments. Stay up to date on our media channels as we tease development progress for new ships, skills, and more!
  • QUARTER 3: Community growth is going to be a major focus as we introduce more content to the game, balance it as a next major esport, and host official Beyond the Void tournaments through our network.
  • QUARTER 4: We’re bringing back & improving our holiday events from 2018 along with continued balancing of game mechanics, releasing new skins to the shop, and new units to the game. From here we’ll announce the official release date and come out of Early Access!

Here is a detailed roadmap of our main milestones for 2018:

As we develop and launch our campaigns, we will be adapting to the needs of our community while working within prominent community figures in both the gaming and blockchain space. Our ideas will evolve over time, as will deadlines; expect the most up to date communication from us on social media.


B2Expand: A Start-Up With a Vision

One year ago, B2Expand was only the Beyond the Void Game project, developed by a family team of just 4 people. Our start-up team has now grown to 17 individuals, working on projects related to gaming and blockchain. While we can’t share too much, we can tease that there is a new blockchain based game in development within the Sci-Fi genre and that it will have cross-gaming items with Beyond the Void and other Nexarium ecosystem titles.

The B2expand Team would like to take the opportunity to give a special thank to everyone in the community helping make our first game project possible. We’re excited to publish to our next endeavor in the space and it’s thanks to your support that it’s all been possible.

BTV is in Early Access and our efforts working with engaged community members will help us increase our player growth and improve our game together this year. We look forward to seeing you Beyond the Void!

Camille, Etienne and Skai,


Learn more about Beyond the Void, B2Expand, the Nexarium, and Nexium (NxC) at: https://beyond-the-void.net/
For more information, contact us by email: contact@beyond-the-void.net