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Beyond The Void

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Community Q&A

Manon from BTV answers questions from the community.

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Beyond the Void: a game powered by blockchain

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Competitive game

Beyond the Void is a competitive One vs One Game. Lead your army with your powerful mother ship, conquer the solar system and defeat your opponents.


Beyond the Void gives you the true ownership of your items: all the stuff that you buy in the shop (spaceship skins, portraits, event cards) are yours. You are free to exchange them as you want on a blockchain based market.


Between RTS and Moba. Beyond the Void offers you a unique gameplay. Each map is based on events you have to deal with along the game. Master your mothership, land your strategy and win the game.

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Beyond the Void’s Teaser

This teaser shows the latest development’s progresses.

It doesn’t represent the final quality of the game, however it does give you an idea of the gameplay.


Why becoming a partner?

We are creating a token: the “Nexium” (NxC) that will be used in the game and beyond. That token will be sold during the crowdfunding. Special discounts will be given for early adopters.

Becoming a partner during this period, gives you the oportunity to buy that token at the best moment and will give you some special unique assets that will not be reissued. You will proudly collect or resell them.

Finally be a partner is to become a full shareholder in a fantastic new kind of project based on the blockchain technology.





a little about..

THE development

We plan the development for 6 months after the financing.

Once the crowdfunding completed, we’ll launch the next developments. The game is currently playable in “alpha” version, the funding will allow us to make a great game, making 3D models of high quality, create the match making system, finance servers, etc.

During this period backers have the opportunity to validate the key stages of development.

Backers & players will have access to demos and beta periods of the game.