Which one will you board to enhance your skills?


The pride of Archbaron Trexar’s fleet, Excalibur, wields the unique ability to empower nearby ships by manufacturing an ambrosium aura. The Excalibur can turn the tide of a fight by channeling this energy into a powerful blast, destroying all who oppose the will of Trexar.

Ultimate: Sword of Justice 

After 2 seconds, deal heavy damage in the area. Affects ships & structures.

Passive: Exaltation

Nearby friendly ships gain +10% damage.


Boasting an incredibly sturdy hull, the Wall ship was the perfect prisoner transport unit until a daring breakout of captives subdued it. They took the Wall to House Hïgnos who helped augment it with the power to create a zone of invincibility for itself and its allies. Upon the success of their augmentation, they dubbed the ship « the Wall-K2 ».

Ultimate: Perfect Defence 

Creates a protective zone. Any unit inside this zone cannot be damaged.

Passive: Perfect Defence Advanced Armoring

While above 80% hull, you take 50% less damage on the hull.


Crafted using an ancient artificial intelligence, each Fusion ship charges ambrosium within its core over the course of a battle: ready to unleash it as a beam weapon against opponents. Able to reduce cooldowns with each successful attack and damage enemies upon destruction, the Fusion is a foe that no one truly wins against in combat.

Ultimate Fusion Beyond the void

Ultimate: Ambrosium Beam

Very powerful attack that charges up overtime and deliver a massive blow once at maximum charge.

Passive: Fitful Core

Upon Fusion destruction, the Ambrosium Beam will overload for 2 seconds before releasing a burst with its remaining power. 


Xoletsan technology has merged with an alien symbiont, unleashing a terrifying headhunting weapon that only the Baroness herself has the willpower to control. This mysterious creature exerts furious attacks at close range, augmented with the power to warp directly on top of enemy ships. The Zel’Hactyl lusts for blood just as much as steel.

Zelhactl passive beyond the void

Ultimate: Darksteel Fury

Instantaneously warp to the enemy mothership. Upon arrival, Zel’Hactl stuns the ennemy, enters in Steel Lust mode and receives an additional auto-attack damage. 

Passive steel lust beyond the void

Passive: Steel Lust

Each auto-attack fills Zel’Hactl’s steel lust gauge. When the gauge is full, Zel’Hactl enters in Steel Lust mode: auto-attack damage are doubled during [5 + Lust counter] seconds, then the gauge counter is increased by 1.