hignos banner beyond the void




Solek Voidwalker







Surviving beneath the bedrock on an ocean consumed world, House Hignös are a prideful, resilient people. Starting off as an advanced research expedition, their house is rife with scientists, specialists, and scholars. Because of such a small starting population alongside adverse and restrictive living conditions, House Hignös adapted in kind. This meant each citizen had a greater role to play within society which led to the streamlined efficiency of their government. Being such an isolated and sparse people, House Hignös never confronted their enemies face to face. Instead they constructed metal reapers able to withstand the planet’s harsh environment to do their fighting.  Much of the success of House Hignös can be traced to the Service Evaluation Exam which consists of a series of assessments and test starting at birth and following an individual until they reach adulthood. At the head of this withdrawn society is the Baron himself.

Baron Hignös is the leader of his House not because he was gifted this position, but rather he created it. More specifically, the original Baron created it and that title is passed down through methods only each new Baron knows. The Baron administers the Service Evaluation Exam, keeping the small powerful House running smoothly by ensuring that each member is in a role that best possible position for their skill set. By allowing a maximum efficiency government to take care of the day to day tasks of running a House, the Baron instead plots the downfall of his enemies. With his gaze now set upon the Void, the Baron works tirelessly to find the precise manner in which he shall achieve mastery over this new and mysterious realm.