Trexar Moto beyond the void

Augustina Steinbach

Dalton Brecht

Dr. Arvid Styrke

Bryn Immershild

Zurmin Hewn

Ifuna Sharr

Duretta Harthorn

Mertin Stockmore

Jorg Erdunson

Dr. Lumusi Gestalt

Duty. Justice. Honor. It is these ideals that bind the members of House Trexar together, not any claim to highborn blood. All of modern Trexar society started from the same, lowly place, as slaves forced to mine ambrosium for a corrupt ruling family. After decades of abuse, revolution came and the ruling class were cast down by the rebel hero Droman Trexar. Trexar and his heirs were quickly made leaders in this new society, and the new archbaron had one edict – unlike their previous rulers, House Trexar would not be closed to an elite few. Any citizen, if they were worthy, could join House Trexar.

The current Archbaron, Arthram, was able to claim leadership because his own father was elevated to House Trexar for his dedication to the barony; it was a blessing his son never forgot.Traditionalist, frank, and impulsive, Archbaron Trexar has made it his goal to preserve his adoptive house’s place in history by creating an empire that will be remembered for generations. He is fair and honorable to his people, save those who would betray him – for those, there will be no quarter.

But there are now some who say that House Trexar has strayed too far from its original ideals, and that the current Archbaron seeks only to glorify himself. These claims are never more than a whisper, though, for, in House Trexar, duty, justice, and honor come before anything else, even mercy.