visgalt moto beyond the void

Geser Khagan

Sherva Valdo

Dr. Elmin Kluvik

Rakaaj Vorik

Nekhir Surman

Yughan Zligg

Revmarza Tlan

Warden Valtoga

Mharra Ezen

Marrauder Zarrakus

For centuries, House Visgalt has thrived on one principle – “The weak serve the strong.” The family’s founder, Karathos, learned this lesson well, as the settlers on his frontier planet were regularly abducted by lawless slavers. When Karathos rallied his people and finally conquered the slavers, he had the chance to end their reign of terror forever – instead, he chose to seize their business for himself and his family. Soon, Karthos’ operation had expanded to planets in a dozen different systems.

Visgalt’s fortunes have long been driven by conquest, and the Visgalt barony is comprised of dozen of subjugated worlds which have provided lucrative sources of both slaves and ambrosium for the house’s Archbaron. The House’s brutality also makes it an excellent “silent partner” in all manner of criminal activities. Visgalt mercenaries fetch a high price as prison guards, bounty hunters, or assassins – if a member of “civilized” society needs a gruesome job done efficiently, no questions asked, Visgalt is more than happy to provide that service.

It’s this fearsome reputation that the current Archbaron, Krait Visgalt, means to maintain. A source of equal parts fear and awe for his subjects, Krait’s authority and might is unquestioned – save for the many years of his rules when he was unable to produce an heir. He kept this “weakness” a closely guarded secret and spent much of House Visgalt’s war chest on experimental therapy to find a “cure.” After many long years, he was finally able to sire three deformed sons, and each grew into a man as brutal as he was hideous. Archbaron Visgalt demands his subjects treat his sons with the same honor they show him, which has led to a horrific new practice among Visgalt nobility – the ritual mutilation of one’s own face, in order to better emulate the Archbaron’s children. The more elaborate – and expensive – one’s scarring, the greater their show of strength and loyalty to their lord. Now, at last, the barony’s leaders have the hideous appearances to match their twisted souls.