Vunhuma Moto beyond the void

Anesu Kutau









Mazomba the Unflinching

The predecessors to House Vunhuma had a particularly advantageous start when ambrosium crashed into their planet. And yet, even with the explosion of life and resources that the ambrosium brought, they still.disappeared. The House of Vunhuma seeks to correct that past misstep and grow outward toward the Void. For the Vunhuma, harmony is the only way forward. By seeking balance and synergy, House Vunhuma aims to integrate the flora and fauna created by ambrosium with the derelict machines of their lost ancestors. This embrace of nature and machinery is the basis of the Baron Vunhuma to outsiders it appears the Baron possesses some yet unmatched powers, but only those within Vunhuma society know the truth. The Baron of House Vunhuma is no individual being, but rather a collection.

The Baron uncovered an ancient process by which he could synthesize himself fully with life and instrument, nature and tool. Starting with the original Baron, vast numbers of Vunhumachose to build toward this ideal and have added their life toward this grand effort. Only the Kutau, the sole communicator and voice of the Baron, expresses the desiresof the Baron to the people. Over time, their society hopes to find the ultimate peace and harmony within the form of the Baron. It is House Vunhuma’s goal is to stretch their brand of harmony across the universe and, with the power of their Fusion mothership, deep into the Void.