Winter is coming to our galaxy in December 2018

Winter Event Beyond the Void 2018

Hello Captains,

❄️Winter is coming, bringing the White Nebula with it throughout the galaxy from December 1st to 31st, 2018! ❄️

A little bit of a story…

The White Nebula, a storm composed of stardust that freezes every living being on its path, is coming back to the stellar systems. As of last year, it announces a hard period for the local population, but an opportunity for brave captains. Scientists have in fact discovered interesting properties from the Nebula Stardust and are ready to pay a high price for this valuable resource.

Equip your warmest coat and get yourself ready to face the White Nebula!

Get your in-game rewards at the Winter fair:

Through this, one-month event, collect Stardust boxes while playing.
Earn your prestigious “Stardust Prospector” title and trade your boxes at the in-game Winter fair to unlock up to 5 cheerful spaceships: Santalibur, Wall-Xmas, Bauble, Krampus, Zel’Grinch. 

rewards winter event beyond the void 2018

How to collect Stardust boxes:stardust boxes to be collected during the winter event in Beyond the void

  • Earn up to 60 stardust per day for your playtime (1 stardust/min)
  • Win up to five games each day (5 stardust/victory)
  • (bonus) You may cross the road of an unexpected space traveller (5 stardust/appearance)




We’ve decorated the map for the occasion, discover it on Saturday, December 1st!

We’re eager to see you playing with some of the White Nebula skins for your motherships!

We hope you’ll enjoy this winter event as much as we do!

The whole team wishes you all a happy holiday season