Ambro Cup #3 – Vunhuma campaign

Ambro Cup 3 Beyond the void tournament

Hello captains!

The third edition of the Ambrosium Cup is held on 17th june at 1pm British Summer Time (2pm in France / Germany, 3pm in Russia).

This time, it’s the Vunhumas that asked captains to gather tons of Ambrosium because Spring was pretty consuming this year!
Although Vunhumas are known as good diplomats and peaceful people, they want expert captains to explore, fight and collect a maximum amount of Ambrosium.
It’s not the way they are used to do things but they have no choice and will reward the best captains rightfully and thankfully.


Reward for Ambro Cup #3 – Vunhuma Campaign

  • 8 players : 1 unique title « Vunhuma Champion »
  • 16 players : 2 titles + Molten Core Fusion
  • 24 players : 3 titles + Molten Core Fusion + Ogunu Avatar
  • 32 players : 3 titles + « Ambrosium » Mousepad + Molten Core Fusion + Ogunu Avatar

Ogunu Avatar

Molten Core Fusion


« Ambrosium » Mousepad (36.5*28.5cm)

Registration on Toornament

sKai will be the caster of the tournament on his channel and our.

Don’t forget to join our discord server and see you in game, practicing to serve Vunhumas!