Official Beyond the Void Launch party on October 24th, 2018!

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Hello fellow Captains!

It was a pleasure to share with you the official launch of Beyond the Void on Steam, on October 24, 2018! No matter if you live in Lyon, in France, or if you live in other corners of the galaxy, you were there with us all night!

Over the past two years, you have contributed to the development of Beyond the Void and we are proud to count you amongst our Intergalactic Captains. Your support has been very valuable.
After one year of early access, this hybrid MOBA/RTS game has officially taken its place among the Steam games. It is an achievement for us to see this project coming out to light.

That is why we’ve been honored to share this moment with you!


For the ones who live in any corners of the galaxy:

You had the chance to challenge our dev team live on Twitch from 7pm to 10pm!
Some of you participated in the online giveaway on Twitter to win a 20€ Steam Gift Card  to celebrate the launch of our game on Steam
🥁🥁 And the lucky winner drawn on Twitter is 🥁🥁 @OVEgnos, Congratulations!
Thanks to all the participants!


For the ones who live in France, in Lyon:

There were many of you joining us on October 24th from 7pm to 10pm at the Meltdown gaming bar in Lyon! Here was the planning of the party on the Facebook event (in French).
It was a great opportunity to meet our studio team and challenge us on our own game. There was even a game contest on site for a chance to win goodies and drinks!

Jeu concours Beyond the Void sur Twitter

We wish to thank all the participants for this game contest. You’ve shared funny and colorful photos from you and your friends during the Beyond the Void night. It was hard to choose the 2 funniest winners, but here they are 😁:

beyond the void winners             beyond the void winners

Congratulations! They won an outstanding Beyond the Void mouse mat and 1-meter of shots to be shared with their friends during the evening. Look how cheerful they were:


Have you met our special guest « Seigneur Necron » at the launch party night?

He is one of our earliest fans. Seigneur Necron supported us through thick and thin from the early days and has played in many tournaments.  By the way, he is the winner of the most recent tournament on Beyond the void!
Seigneur Necron traveled all the way from the northern part of France to be with us and launch the game together, it was a very special day.
The day after the launch, we gave him a tour of our studio B2Expand where he met the whole team. He also got a glimpse of the projects we’re working on (to be announced real soon!). We hope to have more days like this!

Thank you for being part of our community!

Beyond the void launch


Beyond the Void launch party pics revealed!

📸 It’s been already two weeks since the launch party. We had a blast and we feel a bit of withdrawal syndrome. Here are some pictures of the launch party night in the Meltdown! Take a tour on our Facebook album.


Some fresh statistics:

  • More than the half of you are playing from the United States or from France; 25% of you are coming from Germany and Russia
  • 75% of you win with Excalibur; Karkass and Fusion are fighting for the second spot
  • 50% of you win with Cryo skills family; Fire skills is in the second position.
  • You win a game in 5-10 min on average

Beyon the void players by country

Beyodn the void most played motherships

Beyodn the void most played skills family

Beyond the void game time



Thanks again to those who made it to the party venue, in Lyon. It was really cool to meet up with Beyond the Void fans IRL and share a drink. Thank you if you joined us online and challenged the dev team in a game. You nailed it!

If you like the game and its hybrid MOBA-RTS mechanics, please share with your friends, the more the merrier! 😁

More updates will follow on upcoming tournaments and holiday season events! ❄️⛄

Stay tuned!

Join the Beyond the Void team at the Gamin’Gône event!


Join us at the GAMIN’GÔNE event on Saturday 20th of October to enjoy the best of video game in Lyon!

This event is organized by G2L2corp in partnership with and Arcaneum to offer you a 2nd edition of the Gamin’Gônes which promises to be fantastic!
The Gamin’Gônes is 500m² dedicated 100% to the local entertainment industry!

📍16 Rue Jean Desparmet, 69008 Lyon, France
📍 October 20th, 2018
📍Buy your tickets here

Beyond the Void booth will be in the Independant game space with other 7 independant games from Lyon!
Join us:
🤗 Get a preview of the final version of the game (official release on October 24th)
⚔️Challenge your friends in epic tournaments
🏆 Get a chance to win an outstanding poster of the game

On the agenda:
– Freeplay console (next gen and retro)
– Freeplay arcade
– Free tournaments
– A Hearthstone tournament with 2000€ Cashprize
– An independent space
– Of the speedrun
– Conferences
– Quizzes
– Guests

Check their facebook page to learn more about the studios, guest, and program

Beyond the Void is nominated for the PING AWARDS 2018!

ping awards

We are very excited to share with you that Beyond the Void has been nominated for the Ping Awards 2018 in the « Best Independent Game » category 😀

For five years, the Ping has aimed to highlight the quality of French video game production through a ceremony that rewards the best titles of the year.
These awards represent an opportunity to highlight the cultural and artistic production of the French video game industry. That’s why we’re really proud to be amongst the nominees!

The video game industry is constantly evolving and the prizes awarded are expected to reflect new practices. For the second year, independent games will be given a separate category, so that « small » productions can be valued as much as some blockbusters.

🎮 On Sunday, October 21:  10h-18h
Our team will present a live demo of the game to the public at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris, and try to gather as many votes as possible from the public!
– Find our booth on the « passerelle centrale d’Explora, niveau 1 ».
Buy your ticket here

🎉 On Monday, October 29th :
We’ll attend the ceremony at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris. We’re eager to discover the winners in each category based on the vote of the jury and the public. Stay tuned for the results!

Games are nominees in the following categories:

Best PC game, Best Consoles game, Best independent game, Best mobile game, Best sports game, Better graphics, Better soundtrack, Best scenario.

To discover the nominee in each category check the AFJV article here

Stay tuned for the results!

AmbroCup#4 online tournament, it’s battle time!


Registration for the AmbroCup#4 online tournament on Beyond the Void game opens on August 29th.  

Hello Captains 😃
You can now register for the next online tournament on Beyond the Void game. As you may know, it’s a F2P hybrid strategy game in space, with moba and rts mechanics in 1vs1.  Become the new Captain who’ll dominate the galaxy!

Ambro Cup:  monthly online tournament 

The AmbroCup is a monthly online tournament on Beyond the Void. The Ambro Cup #4 is organized in partnership with Toornament and Scorpia. You  can register directly on Beyond the Void Toornament page, HERE, and find more details about the rules of the tournament.

Take part in 3 Training Sessions wIth the dev team 💬

All registered players will have access to 3 Training Sessions that will be organized with the Game Designer of Beyond the Void to teach players the ropes of the game. They’ll take place in vocal on Discord:

  • On Friday, August 31, 1pm-2pm:
    How to play a game? Pick a spaceship, draft your skills, build rings, conquer neutral planets, place marks on the enemy, manage your planets strategy.
  • On Wednesday, September 5th, 1pm-2pm:
    How to play with Fusion and Excalibur motherships?
  • On Friday, September 7th, 1pm-2pm:
    How to play with Wall-K2 and Zel’Hactl motherships?

To take part in those Training Sessions, and ask any questions about the game or just chat with us ^^ , join the BTV Official Discord server.


All skills unlocked 😁

Just for this occasion all skills will be unlocked in the skills collection (no more need of Battle Points to unlock them). Try them all from August 29th until the day of the tournament! You’ll have the opportunity to design new strategies and play them during the tournament.  Our game designer is also eager to hear your feedbacks to balance the skills before the official release on October 2018.  Enjoy!

Amazing rewards 🎁

We’ll offer amazing rewards to the winners:
– 1 Beyond the Void Mouse Pad + 1 steam gift card (10 Euros) for the first player
– 1 Beyond the Void Wallpaper + 1 steam gift card (5 euros) for the second player
– 1 Beyond the Void Wallpaper for the third player

Be ready for battle on September 7th!  🏆

Players will be ready to design their own strategy to challenge new opponents online on Friday, September 7th,  at 7 PM (UTC +2, Paris).


Stay tuned! 👋
BTV Team

PS: Let’s maximize the fun, show us what you’ve got and stream with us on Twitch/Youtube 🎥

Remember that Beyond the Void is a Free To Play game available in early access on steam, so feel free to get your friends involved : Play for free now!

Take off for Gamescom 2018


Hello Captains!

Next week we’ll take off for Gamescom 2018!

Our team we’ll be in Cologne for this great opportunity to meet journalists and media partners. We’re very excited to show them the latest version of Beyond the void game before the release this fall!

As you know, Beyond the Void is a competitive and hybrid strategy game in space. Its economy is based on the blockchain, where you are free to buy and sell your game items as you please. This game will be the first of a larger cross-gaming ecosystem, called the Nexarium. A whole new galaxy is being created for you captains 🤩

Stay tuned! The launch is getting closer 🚀

I’m sure some of you are coming to Gamescom, let’s meet there!

Ambro Cup #3 – Vunhuma campaign

Ambro Cup 3 Beyond the void tournament

Hello captains!

The third edition of the Ambrosium Cup is held on 17th june at 1pm British Summer Time (2pm in France / Germany, 3pm in Russia).

This time, it’s the Vunhumas that asked captains to gather tons of Ambrosium because Spring was pretty consuming this year!
Although Vunhumas are known as good diplomats and peaceful people, they want expert captains to explore, fight and collect a maximum amount of Ambrosium.
It’s not the way they are used to do things but they have no choice and will reward the best captains rightfully and thankfully.


Reward for Ambro Cup #3 – Vunhuma Campaign

  • 8 players : 1 unique title « Vunhuma Champion »
  • 16 players : 2 titles + Molten Core Fusion
  • 24 players : 3 titles + Molten Core Fusion + Ogunu Avatar
  • 32 players : 3 titles + « Ambrosium » Mousepad + Molten Core Fusion + Ogunu Avatar

Ogunu Avatar

Molten Core Fusion


« Ambrosium » Mousepad (36.5*28.5cm)

Registration on Toornament

sKai will be the caster of the tournament on his channel and our.

Don’t forget to join our discord server and see you in game, practicing to serve Vunhumas!





Ambro Cup #1 – Registration is open

Hello captains!

There are two tournaments in april.

USW tournament

This tournament takes place on Sunday 15th and starts at 2pm (New York).
Registration are up on toornament.

EUW tournament

This tournament takes place on Sunday 22nd and starts at 2pm (London)
Registration are up on toornament.


Global final winner: Title
Tournaments winners: Skin
Seconds: Avatar


Global final will take place when both tournaments are finished.
Check-ins take place on Beyond the Void official discord server.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!



Social Media Contests – April

Hello everyone,

As you may already know, we introduced player level to the game with last patch.
We decided to offer blockchain assets to players who play Beyond the Void actively.

Therefore we lauched two contests on Facebook and Twitter with different prizes.

Facebook contest:

Link: facebook contest

How to be eligible:

  1. Like our Facebook page and share the contest publication.
  2. Reach level 5 on Beyond the Void.
  3. Take a screenshot of your in game lobby (so that we can check your level and player name) and post it in the comment section of the contest publication.


  1. If we reach 10 participants: 1 rare avatar
  2. If we reach 20 participants: 2 rare avatars
  3. +35 participants: 1 Molten Core Fusion and 2 rare avatars

Twitter contest:

Link: twitter contest

How to be eligible:

  1. Follow our Twitter and retweet the contest tweet.
  2. Reach level 5 on Beyond the Void.
  3. Take a screenshot of your in game lobby (so that we can check your level and player name) and sent it in reply to the contest tweet.


  1. If we reach 10 participants: 1 common avatar
  2. If we reach 20 participants: 3 common avatars
  3. +35 participants: 1 Wall of Steam and 3 common avatars

For both contests we determine winners by drawing lots among eligible participants.
We send the prizes to the winners’ ethereum public address within 1 week.

Note: Registration are up  until Friday 13th at 12AM UTC.

We hope you’ll enjoy these contests.

Thanks for reading and see you in normal game!

Interview: Xoza1n, Great Nexium War champion

Would you like to tell us a bit about you?

I’m a 22-year-old student in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science: Information Security, from Izhevsk in Russia. I learned about the blockchain not too long ago; I met a wealthy man who told me about the blockchain. As a student, I try to not burden my parents. I recognized the blockchain as an opportunity to become financially independent and decided to try it.


How did you discover BTV?

I was looking for some interesting currency on Bittrex and came across the Nexium (NXC), Beyond the Void’s (BTV’s) game token. I wanted to play it, but access was closed. So I waited eagerly for BTV’s Early Access to arrive.


B2Expand combines the blockchain and gaming in BTV project. What do you think about this new concept?

It lets people turn the game into something more than an entertaining hobby; it can also generate income. Thanks to BTV, I’ve earned money while having fun. It’s great to be able to win NXC during tournaments. Participating in tournaments and winning money is not work, it’s a more exciting form of entertainment. As a player, I have seen many sites that give out cryptocurrency rewards for competitions.

Thanks to the blockchain, players really own their gaming assets. That’s great because, in other games, purchased game tokens/currency can only be spent inside the game. In other games, I’ve won more than 200 tournaments and about 100 tournaments 1*1, but I’ve not actually received anything from it, only a set of images in the game. Although League of Legends added real rewards for achievements in the game in late summer, the best players won jackets and medals.

As BTV becomes even more popular, lots of players will be motivated by both the competition and the chance to win NXC.


In the last two BTV tournaments, we’ve seen how you love to compete. What motivates you?

I used to play DOTA. Then, I switched to League of Legends and participated in many 2vs2 and 1vs1 tournaments. After three years as a member of the champion league, I have become the team leader.

I would like to progress in BTV, where the main matches are 1*1, because:

  1. I like to win =) and the prizes are good.
  2. I’m always happy to play against strong opponents. Not just during tournaments, I always offer to play if the opponent says they’re good.
  3. It’s fun because you can see the reactions of people watching your game.
  4. I want to be an active player and hope this will help the development of BTV.


What’s your favorite strategy?

My favorite strategy was to play Fusion before the update that nerfed it (one of the motherships/champions in BTV) to keep the enemies beyond the range of attack. Now, as in my first games, I prefer to use EMP ability (Electro Magnetic Pulse – stuns everything within a radius for several seconds). This skill was very useful in the last tournament, I killed the enemy and survived with 1 HP, but the enemy was revived and came to me, hitting the EMP; he got my mothership’s ultimate and other abilities and attacked me, then he died without leaving the stun.

I often select skills based on the enemy ship. For example, playing against Excalibur, it is desirable to have the jump ability to break through and escape from the radius of the ultimate; whereas, against the walls of the K2’s, it is better to choose a speed that lets you circle around.


As the winner of the two last BTV tournaments, you’re starting to become a legend in the growing BTV community. How do you feel about that?

I hope I will show you a lot more wins 😉


Are there some tips you would you like to share with new players?

Often, I see players who only take one planet at the beginning of the game. At the beginning of the game, there are two neutral planets. A typical player takes one. However, I think you shouldn’t settle for one. You have to fight for both of them because it’s the first step toward victory.


How do you see the future of BTV?

I see about 10 base ships with different skins and ulti.
Presently, the game has few skills. With more skills, players would have the opportunity to test and develop different strategies for defeating their enemies. It’s a good way to develop your strategic and personal abilities.

I’ve met lots of players. Many leave the game after being defeated. They don’t try to understand the game, or maybe the game does not meet their expectations. I think they should not just give up. There are already countless battles under development, and crafted skills will be added to the game later. I believe that the time will come when I will see new names at the beginning of every fight, because there will be so many players waiting to play.

Let’s continue the Great Nexium War annually, and let’s add more strategies and fun :D.

Xoza1n’s avatar on Beyond the Void.
Credit: Morgana and Kayle by Inkinesss on DeviantArt, Veigar and Lulu from League of Legends.