Patch notes 0.7.3: New mothership, electro skills, graphic and sound designs…

Patchnotes 073 beyond the void

Hello everyone, patch 0.7.3 is live on steam!

There is a summary in video on youtube. Below is the full patch note.

New Mothership: Zel’Hactl 

Auto Attack:

Deals extra damage equivalent to 1% of the target’s remaining life.

Passive: Steel Lust

Each auto-attack fills Zel’Hactl’s Steel Lust gauge (1% for a creep, 2% for a tower, and 3% for a mothership). When the gauge is full, Zel’Hactl enters into Fury Mode for 5 seconds and increases its Fury Counter by 1. Fury Mode lasts for 5 seconds and doubles the auto-attack damage. The Fury Counter can’t exceed 10.

Ultimate: Darksteel fury

Instantaneously begin a warp to the enemy mothership. Upon arrival, Zel’Hactl enters into Fury Mode for 5 seconds and receives an additional auto-attack damage increase (multiplier = 1 + Fury counter²/10).

Darksteel fury cooldown is 40s.

New skills: Electro

Shocker: Releases a lightning bolt in the targeted direction, dealing 20+25*Level damage to enemies.
Special effect: Disables the enemy unit’s firing system and skills for 1+0.1*Level seconds.

Thunder orbs: Deals 20+20*Level damage in a cone.
Special effect: Reduces the enemy’s range of their next auto-attack by (3.5*Level)%.

Storm Cloud: Creates an electrical storm around the mothership for 1+0.25*Level seconds. Enemies inside the storm take 10+3*Level damage per second.
Special effect: Overloads the enemy’s weapon system, causing their next attack to also inflict (25+1*Level)% damage to itself.

Spark Blast: Fires a projectile at target location that releases a dome of static electricity upon impact. Every enemy unit inside the deployed dome will have their shield reduced by (25+3*Level)%. The dome stays active for 2+0.25*Level seconds.
Special effect: Spark Blast consumes marks from enemy units and steals shield points. The stolen points are used to regenerate the mothership’s shield.

Overdrive: Increases the mothership’s movement speed by (5*Level)% for 2+0.3*Level seconds. Activating Overdrive will also generate a wave to apply marks.
Special effect: Enemy units that have their marks consumed in the wave will take 0.06% damage on their hull per unit of movement during Overdrive.

Ghost: The mothership cloaks itself, leaving a ghost that resumes the mothership’s last actions. While cloaked, the mothership can move and warp freely. It will reveal itself if it attacks or uses a skill. The skill and the ghost stay active for 5*Level seconds. The ghost inflicts 1+0.25*Level damage per second and possesses as much shield and hull as the original mothership when the ghost spawns. However, it takes double damage.
Special effect: Adds a damage bonus of (20+2*level)% on the mothership’s next use of a skill and reduces the ghost’s cooldown by 75%.


Ring: The first ring is free. The following rings cost: 90 (ring 2) / 135 (ring 3) / 202 (ring 4) / 303 (ring 5) / 455 (ring 6) / 683 (ring 7) / 1025 (ring 8) / 1537 (ring 9) / 2306 (ring 10) Ambrosium, respectively.

Strategy: The first strategy change does not have a cooldown. The cooldown formula for any other change is: Time = 10*number_of_global_strategy_changes.


  • Kinetic energy: For every 200 (formerly 1000) points of damage endured by the mothership, it gains a cumulative shield bonus of 2% (formerly 10%), and its shield regeneration is improved by 2% (formerly 0.1%). The shield bonus can reach 1.2*basic_shield_amount at maximum.
  • Recycling: Bonus can reach 1.2*mothership_basic_hull_amount at maximum.



When destroying towers, you earn 200 (tower 1) / 300 (tower 2) / 400 (tower 3) Ambrosium. Towers have 200 (tower 1) / 400 (tower 2) / 800 (tower 3) shield points and 2800 (tower 1) / 4600 (tower 2) / 8200 (tower 3) hull points.



Auto attack damage has been increased from 85 to 100.

Movement speed has been increased from 130 units to 150.
After death, when Fusion’s passive is active, the movement speed has been increased by 50% and Fusion deals more damage (the formula changed to the following: 150*(1+%ultimatecharge)*(totalLife/remainingLife).

Wall k2:
Auto attack: Shots slow the target’s movement speed by 10% + 5% per shot and increase Wall K2’s damage by 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 points for 1.5 seconds (formerly 20% + 10% per shot and 10% damage per shot). It still stacks up to 5 times, for a maximum of 30% movement speed reduction and 15 damage points. Ultimate: Protects any spaceships in the zone, including enemies.



Fighter: Has a total life of 200 (50 shield + 150 hull) instead of 210. It deals 16 damage points instead of 12. The move speed is 120 units. The range is 120 units.

Sniper: Has a total life of 180 (60 shield + 120 hull). It deals 70 damage points with a rate of fire of 1.2. The move speed equals 90 units. The range equals 300 units.

Mercenary: Has a total life of 260 (80 shield + 180 hull) instead of 210. It deals 50 damage points with a rate of fire of 1. The move speed equals 110 units. The range equals 120 units.

Sentinel: Has a total life of 220 (140 shield + 80 hull) instead of 210. It deals 24 damage points with a rate of fire of 0.6. The move speed equals 150 units. The range equals 220 units.

Sniper, Mercenary, and Sentinel all had the same characteristics in last version. They had 75 shield and 240 hull points for a total life of 315 points. They were dealing 18 points of damage at a firing rate of 0.8.



Fire: We’ve increased the damage of Fire Spear, Red Head, and Red Wire. We also increased the range of Fire Spear and Red Wire.

Cryo: We reduced the damage of Ice Storm and Ice Ring. Cryo Scud will launch less missiles (which means it will also do less damage).


Graphic designs

New graphic design for Ice Storm.
Fusion’s ultimate has a new icon and the power is now displayed next to mothership icon.
Asteroides, harvesters, planet rings and fighters all have new graphic designs.
There are animations for ring destruction and tower destruction. Ambrosium and corsair camps have been reworked as well.


Sound design  

New theme during Skills Draft screen.
1st in game theme has changed.
All skills and motherships’ abilities have sound effects now.


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Thanks for reading and see you beyond the void!