Patch notes 0.7.3: New mothership, electro skills, graphic and sound designs…

Patchnotes 073 beyond the void

Hello everyone, patch 0.7.3 is live on steam!

There is a summary in video on youtube. Below is the full patch note.

New Mothership: Zel’Hactl 

Auto Attack:

Deals extra damage equivalent to 1% of the target’s remaining life.

Passive: Steel Lust

Each auto-attack fills Zel’Hactl’s Steel Lust gauge (1% for a creep, 2% for a tower, and 3% for a mothership). When the gauge is full, Zel’Hactl enters into Fury Mode for 5 seconds and increases its Fury Counter by 1. Fury Mode lasts for 5 seconds and doubles the auto-attack damage. The Fury Counter can’t exceed 10.

Ultimate: Darksteel fury

Instantaneously begin a warp to the enemy mothership. Upon arrival, Zel’Hactl enters into Fury Mode for 5 seconds and receives an additional auto-attack damage increase (multiplier = 1 + Fury counter²/10).

Darksteel fury cooldown is 40s.

New skills: Electro

Shocker: Releases a lightning bolt in the targeted direction, dealing 20+25*Level damage to enemies.
Special effect: Disables the enemy unit’s firing system and skills for 1+0.1*Level seconds.

Thunder orbs: Deals 20+20*Level damage in a cone.
Special effect: Reduces the enemy’s range of their next auto-attack by (3.5*Level)%.

Storm Cloud: Creates an electrical storm around the mothership for 1+0.25*Level seconds. Enemies inside the storm take 10+3*Level damage per second.
Special effect: Overloads the enemy’s weapon system, causing their next attack to also inflict (25+1*Level)% damage to itself.

Spark Blast: Fires a projectile at target location that releases a dome of static electricity upon impact. Every enemy unit inside the deployed dome will have their shield reduced by (25+3*Level)%. The dome stays active for 2+0.25*Level seconds.
Special effect: Spark Blast consumes marks from enemy units and steals shield points. The stolen points are used to regenerate the mothership’s shield.

Overdrive: Increases the mothership’s movement speed by (5*Level)% for 2+0.3*Level seconds. Activating Overdrive will also generate a wave to apply marks.
Special effect: Enemy units that have their marks consumed in the wave will take 0.06% damage on their hull per unit of movement during Overdrive.

Ghost: The mothership cloaks itself, leaving a ghost that resumes the mothership’s last actions. While cloaked, the mothership can move and warp freely. It will reveal itself if it attacks or uses a skill. The skill and the ghost stay active for 5*Level seconds. The ghost inflicts 1+0.25*Level damage per second and possesses as much shield and hull as the original mothership when the ghost spawns. However, it takes double damage.
Special effect: Adds a damage bonus of (20+2*level)% on the mothership’s next use of a skill and reduces the ghost’s cooldown by 75%.


Ring: The first ring is free. The following rings cost: 90 (ring 2) / 135 (ring 3) / 202 (ring 4) / 303 (ring 5) / 455 (ring 6) / 683 (ring 7) / 1025 (ring 8) / 1537 (ring 9) / 2306 (ring 10) Ambrosium, respectively.

Strategy: The first strategy change does not have a cooldown. The cooldown formula for any other change is: Time = 10*number_of_global_strategy_changes.


  • Kinetic energy: For every 200 (formerly 1000) points of damage endured by the mothership, it gains a cumulative shield bonus of 2% (formerly 10%), and its shield regeneration is improved by 2% (formerly 0.1%). The shield bonus can reach 1.2*basic_shield_amount at maximum.
  • Recycling: Bonus can reach 1.2*mothership_basic_hull_amount at maximum.



When destroying towers, you earn 200 (tower 1) / 300 (tower 2) / 400 (tower 3) Ambrosium. Towers have 200 (tower 1) / 400 (tower 2) / 800 (tower 3) shield points and 2800 (tower 1) / 4600 (tower 2) / 8200 (tower 3) hull points.



Auto attack damage has been increased from 85 to 100.

Movement speed has been increased from 130 units to 150.
After death, when Fusion’s passive is active, the movement speed has been increased by 50% and Fusion deals more damage (the formula changed to the following: 150*(1+%ultimatecharge)*(totalLife/remainingLife).

Wall k2:
Auto attack: Shots slow the target’s movement speed by 10% + 5% per shot and increase Wall K2’s damage by 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 points for 1.5 seconds (formerly 20% + 10% per shot and 10% damage per shot). It still stacks up to 5 times, for a maximum of 30% movement speed reduction and 15 damage points. Ultimate: Protects any spaceships in the zone, including enemies.



Fighter: Has a total life of 200 (50 shield + 150 hull) instead of 210. It deals 16 damage points instead of 12. The move speed is 120 units. The range is 120 units.

Sniper: Has a total life of 180 (60 shield + 120 hull). It deals 70 damage points with a rate of fire of 1.2. The move speed equals 90 units. The range equals 300 units.

Mercenary: Has a total life of 260 (80 shield + 180 hull) instead of 210. It deals 50 damage points with a rate of fire of 1. The move speed equals 110 units. The range equals 120 units.

Sentinel: Has a total life of 220 (140 shield + 80 hull) instead of 210. It deals 24 damage points with a rate of fire of 0.6. The move speed equals 150 units. The range equals 220 units.

Sniper, Mercenary, and Sentinel all had the same characteristics in last version. They had 75 shield and 240 hull points for a total life of 315 points. They were dealing 18 points of damage at a firing rate of 0.8.



Fire: We’ve increased the damage of Fire Spear, Red Head, and Red Wire. We also increased the range of Fire Spear and Red Wire.

Cryo: We reduced the damage of Ice Storm and Ice Ring. Cryo Scud will launch less missiles (which means it will also do less damage).


Graphic designs

New graphic design for Ice Storm.
Fusion’s ultimate has a new icon and the power is now displayed next to mothership icon.
Asteroides, harvesters, planet rings and fighters all have new graphic designs.
There are animations for ring destruction and tower destruction. Ambrosium and corsair camps have been reworked as well.


Sound design  

New theme during Skills Draft screen.
1st in game theme has changed.
All skills and motherships’ abilities have sound effects now.


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Thanks for reading and see you beyond the void!

Patch note 0.6.2 – User Interface, spectator mode, minor gameplay & changes

Hello everyone,

Patch 0.6.2 is live and we brought some gameplay changes before this week end tournament!

Gameplay changes

Several minor changes have been implemented:

Abilities :

All abilities cost no more Ambrosium.

  • Fire spear: Damage scale by 18 points per mothership’s level instead of 22.
  • Cryo Scud: We reworked the formula to calculate damage so that it deals more damage only if almost all rockets hit the enemy. Damage on mothership are decreased by 20%. Aim is to make this ability an ability to clean your lane.
  • Ice storm: it now applies only one mark per use. Damage decreased from 25 to 20 and scale by 8 points per mothership’s level instead of 12.
  • Ice ring: Cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 30 seconds. Damage decreased from 25 to 20 and scale by 8 points per mothership’s level instead of 10

Ring combinations :

  • Leviathan (2 military rings combination): rank number increases the hull and not the number of Leviathan you can have near you (tool tip correction)
  • Ambro shield (Industrial + Engineering rings combination): Range radius has been reduced to 150. When you cancel an ability it now disable the aura for 16seconds. There is a small issue with the visual effects if you disable the aura when it’s in stand by.
  • Ultimate Defense (2 Engineering rings combination): skills hitting the enemy’s mothership grant a 150 bonus shield. It lasts for 1.5 seconds and each succesful skill extends the duration by 1.5seconds.

User experience

User interface

Lobby interface and menus have been reworked.

Loading screen and draft session interface will change in next patch.

If you win or lose when your spaceship is destroyed, the « death interface » is removed spo that  you can see the win / lose screen.

Spectator mode

Spectator mode has been fixed. An appropriate interface will be implemented before the release.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Spaceships will no longer attack indefinitely the enemy’s motherplanet at the end of a game
  • Wall-K2 is now targetable with Fusion’s ultimate.
  • Issues when reconnecting to an ongoing game are fixed
  • Auras :
    • are now automatically switched off when your mothership is destroyed. Before you weren’t able to switch them off.
    • In previous version you were loosing 100% of the bonus you collected with an aura when you were destroyed. It has been fixed, you now lose 50% of your bonuses.

Thanks for reading and have a good training… beyond the void!

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Patch Note 0.5.0 – Final gameplay and more

Hello everyone,

Finally the patch 0.5.0 is live! See what new content has been released below!
You can also check out this new patch in video: Official presentation video

Enjoy the read!


Ring combinations

  • Every ring combination now give an additional ability. (Use similar to how you currently use your mothership’s primary abilities.)
  • Default binds are on keys 1-2-3-4-5.
  • Several identical combinations raise the rank of the ability and therefore its strength.
  • All these abilities cost Ambrosium, and some of them introduce a new concept: auras.
    • Auras are abilities you can enable and disable.
    • When activated auras cost Ambrosium overtime until you disable them.
  • Building the same combination of two rings on multiple planets will improve the bonus effects of the combination.
  • Remember that combinations of Rings now take into account the build order.

First Industrial Ring: Effects how you can deploy abilities, focused on the mid-game.

Industrial Ring:

  • Ambro-Turbine (Combo skill). The next skill used within the next 3 seconds reduces its cooldown by 50%.
    • Costs 100 Ambrosiums and has a cooldown of four seconds.
    • Adds +1 ability rank gives you one more charge.

Military Ring:

  • Ambro-Canon (Aura). Gives auto attack a 10% chance of applying an additionnal mark. (Remember that mark can be fire or cryo. The aura applies a mark similar to the last one. If there was no mark on the enemy mothership then it applies a mark similar to the one applied by the primary skill.)
    • Costs 30 Ambrosium per second when active and has a four seconds cooldown.
    • Adds +1 ability rank increases the chance of applying an additionnal mark by another 10%.

Engineering Ring:

  • Ambro-Bouclier (Combo skill). The next skill that hits the enemy’s mothership provides you a 250 shield points bonus.
    • Costs 150 Ambrosium and has a 30 seconds cooldown.
    • Adds +1 ability rank increases the shield bonus amount by 250.


First Military Ring: Calls upon nearby spaceships, focused on impacting the early-game.

Industrial Ring:

  • Gunners (Temporary guardians). Calls upon three gunners that stay with your mothership for 10 seconds.
    • Costs 150 ambrosiums and has a 30 seconds cooldown.
    • Adds +1 ability rank gives you one additionnal charge.

Military Ring:

  • Leviathan (Guardian). Calls upon a Leviathan that stays with your mothership until it is destroyed.
    • Costs 150 ambrosiums and has a 30 seconds cooldown.
    • Adds +1 ability rank upgrades the Leviathan characteristics and gives you one additionnal charge.

Engineering Ring:

  • Infernal Booster (Guardian). Calls upon a spaceship that boosts other spaceships (+5 damage // reduces incoming damage by two), stays with your mothership until it is destroyed.
    • Costs 150 ambrosiums and has a 30 seconds cooldown.
    • Adds +1 ability rank upgrades the buff that grants the Infernal Booster (x2)

First Engineering Ring: Improves your mothership, focused on impacting the late game.

Industrial ring:

  • Recycling (long duration buff). Aura that improves the hull each time you destroy an enemy spaceship (+5 hull points per destroyed enemy spaceship).
    • Costs 5 Ambrosium per second and has a 2 second cooldown duration.
    • Adds +1 ability rank increases the bonus by +5 hull points per destroyed spaceship.

Military ring:

  • Kinetic energy (long duration buff). Aura that improves the shield each time you received 1000 damage points (+1% max shield and  +0.1% regeneration per 1000 damage taken).
    • Costs 5 Ambrosium per second and has a 2 seconds cooldown duration.
    • Adds +1 ability rank increases the bonuses respectivily by +1% and +0.1%.

Engineering ring:

  • Last defense (long duration buff). Aura that cancel enemy’s abilities and that increases your attack damage each time you cancel an ability (+5 attack damage per canceled skill).
    • Costs 15 Ambrosium per second and has a 2 seconds cooldown duration.
    • Adds +1 ability rank increases the bonus by +5 damage points per canceled skill.


Planetary strategy

  • Each planet owned by the player has a linked strategy among three: combat, economic and defense.
  • Strategies are unlocked after the building of the first ring of a planet. This first ring defines the initial planetary strategy.
  • You can now change strategy at any time with a cooldown of 20 seconds before being able to change it.
  • A shortcut allows you to change your planetary strategy quickly.
  • Each strategy now gives you bonuses according to the rings built on the planet.
  • Each ring will give a different bonus according to the selected strategy. Bonuses are cumulative:

Combat strategy: Adds new units for the lane. Each ring replaces a fighter with a special unit.

  • Industrial ring: Mercenary spaceship. Stronger against snipers.
  • Military ring: Sniper spaceship. Stronger against sentinels
  • Engineering ring: Sentinel spaceship. Stronger against mercenaries.

Economic strategy: Allows your rings to generate ambrosium. Each ring grants a different method of gathering.

  • Industrial ring: produces Harvesters that mines Ambrosium on the asteroid belt.
  • Military ring: gives you a bounty for each destroyed enemy spaceship.
  • Engineering ring: produces Recyclers that recycle wrecks on the lane.

Defense strategy: The planet is protected by a shield, reducing damage taken by 50%. Each ring grants a passive bonus.

  • Industrial ring: +2 Ambrosium per second.
  • Military ring: the mothership gains one attack drone, which increases your damage per second.
  • Engineering ring: +15 experience points per second.

Warp mode

  • The mothership is now invisible during the warp and can’t be seen by your opponent on the mini map. (Surprise your enemy!)


Basic tutorial

  • Basic tutorial has been reworked. It is now shorter and easier.

Advanced tutorial

  • Advanced tutorial is now available.
  • Learn in it how to build rings and understand planetary strategy.


In-Game Interface

  • In-Game user interface has been completely reworked and fits with gameplay changes.

Player level

  • You’ll now gain experience points at the end of every match.
  • Every time you level up you’ll receive extra Battle Points!
  • Unlock new titles by levelling up!

BP / XP Bonuses

  • We implemented events system to increase BP and XP earnings during targeted times. (Follow us on discord so you don’t miss our events!)


  • New victory soundtrack
  • New defeat soundtrack
  • Normal more reactivated – practice without alternating your rank!
  • Ancient rune camp has been reworked
  • 3rd abilities (utilitary) now cost 15 Ambrosium per use.
  • Bug fixes


We hope you’ll like all these changes!
Don’t hesitate to tell us how you feel about this new version of Beyond the Void on our discord server (

We were waiting for this new version to organize new tournaments…

Have a nice day!

Patch notes – Version 0.4.6

Version 0.4.6


Removed the camera reset on respawn.
Locked the normal games access to open the ranked games so players won’t be split in two queues.
Improvement of the server connection & the reconnection system.


Added Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.


Smart cast available

Set the hotkey (default: Left alt) in settings then use this hotkey with your skill to cast it instantly.

Map hotkey

Use this hotkey (default: Left control) with your rightclick to move your mothership with the map, you won’t have to worry about unintended warp because of a miss click.

Mouse lock

Added a toggle for choosing whether to lock or not the mouse inside the window while in a game.

Patch notes – 0.4.5

Version 0.4.5


Fix of an issue causing lag to all clients
Stability of the connection should be improved
Update of the new shader to add some reflection to Excalibur & Fusion


The “profil” is now accessible. You should be able to select your title, avatar and holotag with it if you have any.
Sound design & Music added


The second set of planets now spawn at 6 minutes

Camp (mining colony)

The neutral camps have been reworked. We are testing this new system with the first camp: the mining colony.
Now the reward scale with the duration of the game.
The others neutral camps should be updated next time.


Kamikaze factory

Correction of a bug making the kamikaze production way faster than usual…
Now each Kamikaze should take 15 seconds to be built


Damage on the main target increased from 80 to 130
Splash damage decreased from 80 to 65
Now stay closer to the factory
Hostile detection range increased from 200 to 300

All Motherships

The gain from updating the attack speed has been increased from 8% to 10%


Fusion received a visual update !
Shield decreased from 1100 to 1000
Damage decreased from 70 to 65

Patch notes 0.1.9


The ring attacks has been divided by 3 on the creeps.
Now you take less damage from the military ring if you are on the edge of the circle.
The attack of the economic ring has been reduced

Major gameplay changes
  • The conquest of planet is brand new !
    • The skill « conquer » has been removed
    • Now to conquer, you have to capture 3 « point of capture » around the planet.
    • If two players are in the same area around the planet, the capture is stopped until one player leave this « contestation zone » (or be destroyed).
  • New attack for the rings
    • Economic and military rings gain a skillshot attack. This attack replace the regular (old) one
    • Engineering ring can’t attack anymore. But you can build turret on the « point of capture » of your planets.
  • New 3D models for the « war towers »
Other stuffs
  • Wall-k2 hull gain (passive) increased from 15 to 25 hull every 30 seconds.
  • A nasty bug has been corrected. You shouldn’t experience lag anymore.
  • Now you have to destroy the enemy structures in order: War tower T1, War tower T2, War tower T3 and then the mother planet.
  • You can now see our last news in the lobby
  • A sound is played when you received a chat message in game
  • Messages for « Wrong game version » & « Server is full » should be displayed correctly now.
  • Server management has been improved
  • A bug in the feature « I lost my password » has been fixed

Patch notes 0.1.8

Version 0.1.8

Skills balance
  • Supercruise. Duration reduced from 6 to 4 seconds
  • Plasma dash. Cost reduced from 70 to 40 cubes
  • Fallback. Cost increased from 20 to 60 cubes
  • Magma spear. Cost increased from 50 to 60 cubes
  • Wave of fire.
    • Visual update of the effect.
    • Radius decreased from 150 to 125 units.
    • Damage increased from 350 to 400 (thermic)
    • Cost increase from 25 to 40 cubes
    • Cooldown decreased from 10 to 4 seconds
Other changes
  • Engineering defense tower:
    • Now cost 75 cube to build
    • You can place them in the asteroid belt, near your harvesters
    • When under construction & under attack, the tower doesn’t grow hull anymore.
    • You can have 2 towers for each Engineering ring you have.
  • New effect for mothership’s explosion
  • Now you can see the total number of players on the server in the lobby
  • A problem preventing new inscription has been solved
  • Now we record an history of your games on the server side. This will help us with the game balance and you will be able to access your player’s statistics later on. For example your win rate with a specific skill, a mothership or an event card.
  • Fix of bugs here and there

Patch notes 0.1.6 & 0.1.7

This week, most of the patch is about technical stuff. We need to spend time on this, but don’t worry, we are cooking a massive gameplay patch coming out later this month !

We didn’t really had the opportunity to post the patch notes for the previous version (0.1.6) so we included the changes in this one.

Version 0.1.6 & 0.1.7
  • The patcher has been improved. It should work even better and fix problems for some regions.
    Mac users: Remember to drop your patcher in the application folder !

    • We recommend a clean install with the new launcher for this patch.
  • A bug reporter has been added in the lobby and the game. Now you can report issue and help us improve the game.
  • Now you can see Debuff affecting you above your mothership.
  • A new skill has been added: Fallback.
  • Fix of all kind of technical issues on the game and the servers

Development News

We have a lot of development news! Here’s a summary of all of the new content, fixes, and changes in versions 0.1.5 and 0.1.4.

Right now, and for the next few weeks, our focus is on balancing the game elements and improving the engineering ring.

New Content

Fixes & Changes

Version 0.1.5

  • We’ve added an advisor to help you understand the game. This is an early version. We’ll improve it along the way and will probably add a voice to it for the release.
  • We completely reworked the AI. It has three levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal and Hard
  • We’ve added Fusion, a new mothership. Animations for fusion will come with the next patch.
  • When a player is casting some skills, you’ll see a casting bar over a mothership.
  • When you die, you can buy back your mothership for 300 cubes.

In this version:

  • The mothership bonus camp displays a visual effect on the mothership.
  • The base research time has been reduced from 180 seconds to 120 seconds.
  • The cost of research has been reduced from 300 cubes to 200 cubes.
  • A minefield takes 2 seconds to cast. Mines last for 120 seconds.
  • The game remembers the last mothership you were playing.
  • The respawn time has been increased.
  • The healing rate of the “Repairer” has been decreased from 50 to 10 hulls per second.
  • On the minimap, your move/camera orders snap to big objects like planets, motherships, camps. This should make it easier to use.
  • By default, the local map (top right) is less zoomed in so you can see a planet when you are on the edge of its territory.
  • The AI of pirates from the “Space Pirates” card has been improved.
  • Fixed some minor issues with creeps.
  • You can click a planet “portrait” to move the camera to it.
  • A damage marker has been added to the planet panel.
  • Cubes are now displayed under your name (middle top).
  • The “mouse over” ship & other entities should work properly now.
  • The cursor turns red when you can attack a target or use a skill.
  • The game shouldn’t disconnect a match any more.
  • Fixed crashes & fancy bugs here and there.

Version: 0.1.4

  • Now, by default, planets spawn 3 harvesters and 1 fighter, while the mother planet spawns 5 fighters.
  • Harvesters gather a lot fewer cubes now. (The previous rate of harvesting was ridiculously high.)
  • The “Space Pirates” and “Techno Singularity” events are working. 🙂
  • The creeps damage and health have been reworked as well as their AI.
  • The warp should work properly in every situation, and the “Warp loading” bug has been resolved.
  • The bug that was preventing players from building rings on conquered planets has been resolved.
  • Fixed several crashes on the servers.
  • Added the Gas Giant event card.
  • A message has been added when a card is activated.
  • Added the Mad rockets skill.