Patch note 0.6.2 – User Interface, spectator mode, minor gameplay & changes

Hello everyone,

Patch 0.6.2 is live and we brought some gameplay changes before this week end tournament!

Gameplay changes

Several minor changes have been implemented:

Abilities :

All abilities cost no more Ambrosium.

  • Fire spear: Damage scale by 18 points per mothership’s level instead of 22.
  • Cryo Scud: We reworked the formula to calculate damage so that it deals more damage only if almost all rockets hit the enemy. Damage on mothership are decreased by 20%. Aim is to make this ability an ability to clean your lane.
  • Ice storm: it now applies only one mark per use. Damage decreased from 25 to 20 and scale by 8 points per mothership’s level instead of 12.
  • Ice ring: Cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 30 seconds. Damage decreased from 25 to 20 and scale by 8 points per mothership’s level instead of 10

Ring combinations :

  • Leviathan (2 military rings combination): rank number increases the hull and not the number of Leviathan you can have near you (tool tip correction)
  • Ambro shield (Industrial + Engineering rings combination): Range radius has been reduced to 150. When you cancel an ability it now disable the aura for 16seconds. There is a small issue with the visual effects if you disable the aura when it’s in stand by.
  • Ultimate Defense (2 Engineering rings combination): skills hitting the enemy’s mothership grant a 150 bonus shield. It lasts for 1.5 seconds and each succesful skill extends the duration by 1.5seconds.

User experience

User interface

Lobby interface and menus have been reworked.

Loading screen and draft session interface will change in next patch.

If you win or lose when your spaceship is destroyed, the « death interface » is removed spo that  you can see the win / lose screen.

Spectator mode

Spectator mode has been fixed. An appropriate interface will be implemented before the release.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Spaceships will no longer attack indefinitely the enemy’s motherplanet at the end of a game
  • Wall-K2 is now targetable with Fusion’s ultimate.
  • Issues when reconnecting to an ongoing game are fixed
  • Auras :
    • are now automatically switched off when your mothership is destroyed. Before you weren’t able to switch them off.
    • In previous version you were loosing 100% of the bonus you collected with an aura when you were destroyed. It has been fixed, you now lose 50% of your bonuses.

Thanks for reading and have a good training… beyond the void!

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