Cross gaming and shared assets

Cross gaming: When a player’s experience in one game have an impact when he plays another game. For example, when a player can use shared assets (characters, quests, etc.) in several different games.

Game assets (e.g., characters, weapons, or skills) based on blockchain technology can be made portable to other games that use blockchain technology; they are no longer limited to existing within a single game. This emerging phenomenon, called cross-gaming, makes blockchain-based games and assets more fun and valuable to players. As a result, many independent game developers are moving towards developing blockchain-based games and forming cross-gaming partnerships with each other.

Cross-gaming in Beyond the Void

Beyond the Void (BtV) is partnering with Spells of Genesis (SoG, ) to enable cross gaming. Initially, BtV and SoG will make some of their assets playable in both games. Over time, we add this capability to more assets. Also, as adoption of the blockchain grows, we will form partnerships with other developers.

How is this good for me?

Cross gaming means that you only have to earn an asset once, but can enjoy its benefits in multiple places. In the past, when you left a game, you had to leave your assets behind. Now, you can take your blockchain-based assets with you. Using exchanges, you can trade or sell them as you please. And now, increasingly, you can use them in other games. That’s a big step toward the true ownership of game assets.

Any plans for the future?

We will expand our partnership with SoG by releasing more common assets over time. We are open to new cross gaming proposals, and are actively seeking out partnerships with other blockchain projects.

Because blockchain technology is so powerful, a project could come along that uses our game assets in unexpected ways! This is new territory, and we are exploring many possibilities. We are excited about the transformation that the blockchain is bringing to the world of game development!