Introducing Nexarium: A Blockchain-based Ecosystem to Buy, Sell, & Trade In-Game Items

Welcome to the home of the first gaming ecosystem powered by blockchain, the Nexarium (beta). Here you can spend your Nexium (NxC) on limited edition Beyond the Void items, with partner games (based on the same Blockchain technology) being added in the future.

Thanks again to everyone for playing Beyond the Void Early Access version on Steam, we welcome your feedback on Discord.

Discover the Nexarium

The Nexarium is the ecosystem created by B2Expand to promote blockchain-in-gaming products. This portal centralizes in-game items published by B2Expand and provides an environment for partner games based on the same Ethereum technology to be added to the platform. These new games will have the same consistency and artistic direction as Beyond the Void, we’ll have more details to share in a later post. All games added will use the same crypto-token, Nexium (NxC), with Beyond the Void’s items being the first to enter the Nexarium and be distributed on the Corporation shop.

Having the games in the same Nexarium ecosystem will also allow cross-game sharing of in-game items, meaning that the same item will be available in different games. Your Nexarium account will be used to connect to all Nexarium games and apps, including Beyond the Void, the Store, and other games from B2Expand.

You Own Your In-Game Items (Really)

This is the birth of a revolutionary concept in gaming – true ownership of your digital items. Everything you own in Beyond the Void game also exists outside of and independently from the game platform.

With traditional game platforms, you leave your winnings, skins, and any other game items behind the moment you leave it. With Beyond the Void, your blockchain-enabled game items, such as your avatar, motherships, skins, and chests are 100% portable. Your items exist outside of that world, so the time you spend enjoying the game will translate to ownership of the things that make your playtime unique.

You own your skins and can do anything you want with them. Buy, sell, and trade them directly with other people, or put them up for sale on our own Black Market. It’s your universe.

Buy Exclusive In-Game Items at the Corporation Shop

B2Expand is introducing brand new cosmetic items to the Corporation Shop for Beyond the Void players. The Corporation Shop will be selling limited-release items, shipped through space directly to our player Captains. Captains in Beyond the Void can now buy and own their own cosmetic items. Delivery time depends on where your planet is located, as well as your gas allowance.

Many New Items to Collect

Enjoy the beauty of the latest cosmetic assets manufactured by the Corporation. Discover mothership Skins based on the most advanced technologies in the galaxy, buy an essential Pack to achieve your target rank, and choose an Avatar worthy of the baron you support.

Buy & Sell Limited-Edition Items on the Black Market

If you’re looking for goods outside of the Corporation’s pervue, enter the Black Market and trade directly with other Captains. All Captains of the Galaxy gather here to sell their own unique in-game items. This second-hand marketplace is the perfect exchange for good deals, rare artifacts, or even assets that are no longer available in the Corporation Shop.  

Your Inventory Gathers Your Items

In your inventory, you’ll find all the amazing items you have bought. You are the only one in the galaxy who owns them. You can sell some of your items directly from your inventory by creating a sell order, offloading them to the Black Market. Play right, you might even be able to earn tokens (exchangeable for real-life cash) by selling rare artifacts.

So, only one question remains. Are you ready to rise to the challenge, Captain?

For more information, contact Manon or Camille by email:


Interview: Xoza1n, Great Nexium War champion

Would you like to tell us a bit about you?

I’m a 22-year-old student in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science: Information Security, from Izhevsk in Russia. I learned about the blockchain not too long ago; I met a wealthy man who told me about the blockchain. As a student, I try to not burden my parents. I recognized the blockchain as an opportunity to become financially independent and decided to try it.


How did you discover BTV?

I was looking for some interesting currency on Bittrex and came across the Nexium (NXC), Beyond the Void’s (BTV’s) game token. I wanted to play it, but access was closed. So I waited eagerly for BTV’s Early Access to arrive.


B2Expand combines the blockchain and gaming in BTV project. What do you think about this new concept?

It lets people turn the game into something more than an entertaining hobby; it can also generate income. Thanks to BTV, I’ve earned money while having fun. It’s great to be able to win NXC during tournaments. Participating in tournaments and winning money is not work, it’s a more exciting form of entertainment. As a player, I have seen many sites that give out cryptocurrency rewards for competitions.

Thanks to the blockchain, players really own their gaming assets. That’s great because, in other games, purchased game tokens/currency can only be spent inside the game. In other games, I’ve won more than 200 tournaments and about 100 tournaments 1*1, but I’ve not actually received anything from it, only a set of images in the game. Although League of Legends added real rewards for achievements in the game in late summer, the best players won jackets and medals.

As BTV becomes even more popular, lots of players will be motivated by both the competition and the chance to win NXC.


In the last two BTV tournaments, we’ve seen how you love to compete. What motivates you?

I used to play DOTA. Then, I switched to League of Legends and participated in many 2vs2 and 1vs1 tournaments. After three years as a member of the champion league, I have become the team leader.

I would like to progress in BTV, where the main matches are 1*1, because:

  1. I like to win =) and the prizes are good.
  2. I’m always happy to play against strong opponents. Not just during tournaments, I always offer to play if the opponent says they’re good.
  3. It’s fun because you can see the reactions of people watching your game.
  4. I want to be an active player and hope this will help the development of BTV.


What’s your favorite strategy?

My favorite strategy was to play Fusion before the update that nerfed it (one of the motherships/champions in BTV) to keep the enemies beyond the range of attack. Now, as in my first games, I prefer to use EMP ability (Electro Magnetic Pulse – stuns everything within a radius for several seconds). This skill was very useful in the last tournament, I killed the enemy and survived with 1 HP, but the enemy was revived and came to me, hitting the EMP; he got my mothership’s ultimate and other abilities and attacked me, then he died without leaving the stun.

I often select skills based on the enemy ship. For example, playing against Excalibur, it is desirable to have the jump ability to break through and escape from the radius of the ultimate; whereas, against the walls of the K2’s, it is better to choose a speed that lets you circle around.


As the winner of the two last BTV tournaments, you’re starting to become a legend in the growing BTV community. How do you feel about that?

I hope I will show you a lot more wins 😉


Are there some tips you would you like to share with new players?

Often, I see players who only take one planet at the beginning of the game. At the beginning of the game, there are two neutral planets. A typical player takes one. However, I think you shouldn’t settle for one. You have to fight for both of them because it’s the first step toward victory.


How do you see the future of BTV?

I see about 10 base ships with different skins and ulti.
Presently, the game has few skills. With more skills, players would have the opportunity to test and develop different strategies for defeating their enemies. It’s a good way to develop your strategic and personal abilities.

I’ve met lots of players. Many leave the game after being defeated. They don’t try to understand the game, or maybe the game does not meet their expectations. I think they should not just give up. There are already countless battles under development, and crafted skills will be added to the game later. I believe that the time will come when I will see new names at the beginning of every fight, because there will be so many players waiting to play.

Let’s continue the Great Nexium War annually, and let’s add more strategies and fun :D.

Xoza1n’s avatar on Beyond the Void.
Credit: Morgana and Kayle by Inkinesss on DeviantArt, Veigar and Lulu from League of Legends.

Patch notes – 0.4.5

Version 0.4.5


Fix of an issue causing lag to all clients
Stability of the connection should be improved
Update of the new shader to add some reflection to Excalibur & Fusion


The “profil” is now accessible. You should be able to select your title, avatar and holotag with it if you have any.
Sound design & Music added


The second set of planets now spawn at 6 minutes

Camp (mining colony)

The neutral camps have been reworked. We are testing this new system with the first camp: the mining colony.
Now the reward scale with the duration of the game.
The others neutral camps should be updated next time.


Kamikaze factory

Correction of a bug making the kamikaze production way faster than usual…
Now each Kamikaze should take 15 seconds to be built


Damage on the main target increased from 80 to 130
Splash damage decreased from 80 to 65
Now stay closer to the factory
Hostile detection range increased from 200 to 300

All Motherships

The gain from updating the attack speed has been increased from 8% to 10%


Fusion received a visual update !
Shield decreased from 1100 to 1000
Damage decreased from 70 to 65

Crush the others captains and win the tournament on July 13th!

Dear Captains,

You are invited to our Beyond the Void’s second tournament on Thursday, July 13th.

You already know the rules : command your favourite Mothership through an epic space war as you conquer planets, crush your opponent’s fleet and conquer your enemy’s base planet!


Tournament details:

Tournament server: EU_West

On Thursday, July 13th at 5:40 PM UTC (London – 6:40 PM, Paris – 7:40 PM, Moscow – 8:40 PM)


  • 300 NXC prize for the winner of the tournament. An additional prize will be sent to the winner, if he/she succeed to overcome “the Boss”!
  • 200 NXC for the second place
  • 100 NXC for the third place

How to enroll?

  • Download the game launcher
  • Send a private message to me (Camille) on our Discord with your in-game nickname.
  • Show your determination by being on the Discord on Friday at 7:20 PM UTC, 20 minutes before the tournament starts.

How to participate?

  • Check your opponent in-game nickname here on Challonge
  • Launch Beyond the Void and add your opponent in your friendlist.
  • Challenge the opponent to a duel!
  • After the end of the first game, wait for the second round to start, and repeat the process with your next opponent.


Now, Captains, you’ve been briefed and are ready to do battle…beyond the void!

May the Ambrosium be on your side…

Patch notes 0.1.6 & 0.1.7

This week, most of the patch is about technical stuff. We need to spend time on this, but don’t worry, we are cooking a massive gameplay patch coming out later this month !

We didn’t really had the opportunity to post the patch notes for the previous version (0.1.6) so we included the changes in this one.

Version 0.1.6 & 0.1.7
  • The patcher has been improved. It should work even better and fix problems for some regions.
    Mac users: Remember to drop your patcher in the application folder !

    • We recommend a clean install with the new launcher for this patch.
  • A bug reporter has been added in the lobby and the game. Now you can report issue and help us improve the game.
  • Now you can see Debuff affecting you above your mothership.
  • A new skill has been added: Fallback.
  • Fix of all kind of technical issues on the game and the servers

Development News

We have a lot of development news! Here’s a summary of all of the new content, fixes, and changes in versions 0.1.5 and 0.1.4.

Right now, and for the next few weeks, our focus is on balancing the game elements and improving the engineering ring.

New Content

Fixes & Changes

Version 0.1.5

  • We’ve added an advisor to help you understand the game. This is an early version. We’ll improve it along the way and will probably add a voice to it for the release.
  • We completely reworked the AI. It has three levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal and Hard
  • We’ve added Fusion, a new mothership. Animations for fusion will come with the next patch.
  • When a player is casting some skills, you’ll see a casting bar over a mothership.
  • When you die, you can buy back your mothership for 300 cubes.

In this version:

  • The mothership bonus camp displays a visual effect on the mothership.
  • The base research time has been reduced from 180 seconds to 120 seconds.
  • The cost of research has been reduced from 300 cubes to 200 cubes.
  • A minefield takes 2 seconds to cast. Mines last for 120 seconds.
  • The game remembers the last mothership you were playing.
  • The respawn time has been increased.
  • The healing rate of the “Repairer” has been decreased from 50 to 10 hulls per second.
  • On the minimap, your move/camera orders snap to big objects like planets, motherships, camps. This should make it easier to use.
  • By default, the local map (top right) is less zoomed in so you can see a planet when you are on the edge of its territory.
  • The AI of pirates from the “Space Pirates” card has been improved.
  • Fixed some minor issues with creeps.
  • You can click a planet “portrait” to move the camera to it.
  • A damage marker has been added to the planet panel.
  • Cubes are now displayed under your name (middle top).
  • The “mouse over” ship & other entities should work properly now.
  • The cursor turns red when you can attack a target or use a skill.
  • The game shouldn’t disconnect a match any more.
  • Fixed crashes & fancy bugs here and there.

Version: 0.1.4

  • Now, by default, planets spawn 3 harvesters and 1 fighter, while the mother planet spawns 5 fighters.
  • Harvesters gather a lot fewer cubes now. (The previous rate of harvesting was ridiculously high.)
  • The “Space Pirates” and “Techno Singularity” events are working. 🙂
  • The creeps damage and health have been reworked as well as their AI.
  • The warp should work properly in every situation, and the “Warp loading” bug has been resolved.
  • The bug that was preventing players from building rings on conquered planets has been resolved.
  • Fixed several crashes on the servers.
  • Added the Gas Giant event card.
  • A message has been added when a card is activated.
  • Added the Mad rockets skill.

Blockshow in Munich

Hello everybody,

After a very eventful week at the Blockshow in Munich, Germany and at the CoinFest in Manchester, UK (photos above), we have returned to Lyon, France and are continuing development on Beyond the Void.

Thanks to all of the people who stopped by our stands at both events. It was great to meet all of you in person. Hearing about your companies and the wide range of projects was a real mind opener. We are very open to partnerships: It’s important for start-ups like ours to focus on our core strengths and partner with companies whose staff and expertise complement ours.

As far as connecting with the player community, our visit to Evry Games City near Paris was very successful. We met a lot of gamers and indie game development teams. We look forward to establishing partnerships with them in the future.

Since the very beginning, we’ve wanted to see an ecosystem of blockchain-based games grow around the Nexium. If you’re thinking about joining us, now is a good time to start!

Next event: Beyond the Void’s stand at Insomnia Multiplay (Birmingham, UK) next week; from Friday to Monday, April 14 – 17 !

Beyond the Void’s beta will open on weekends in April, and (almost) all the time from the 3rd of May. We designed it this way so people we meet at upcoming events (Insomnia Multiplay and Japan Touch) can play right away and hopefully get matched with an opponent. Right now, there aren’t quite enough players to support being open 24/7.

We apologize for server issues you may have encountered this past weekend. The issue wasn’t serious, but we were all away at various events and didn’t have a chance to fix it until late yesterday.

This won’t happen again; Maxence will be available every weekend in April for quick fixes, should one server fail.

Timeline update & news

March 22, 2017

Adjusted Development Schedule

Hi, Everyone. Here’s are some updates about our development schedule.

We are pushing back the second and third milestones by one month.

The adjusted schedule is:

  • 2nd milestone: May 3rd
  • 3rd milestone: June 28th

Why? Our development schedule slipped by almost three weeks in January causing us to reschedule the first milestone, and we haven’t caught up since then.

Considering the number of events the whole team is involved with in April, we are rescheduling the second milestone to avoid any timing issues. To reflect this, we’ve adjusted our schedule by +1 month.

Early Access

We’re changing the name of the third milestone to Early Access. During this phase, the game will be feature-complete and accessible full-time to players, as planned, but not formally released. During Early Access, we will respond to actual demand by gradually scaling up the sizes and locations of our game servers. This will make the game available and responsive to the growing player-base. Every bullet point on the Milestone will still be met.

Adjusted Marketing Schedule

To participate in more events, we’ve adjusted the formal release date from June 6th to September 6th.

To clarify, because web-based games don’t sell shrink-wrapped software, a release is a Marketing event, not a Development or Logistics event. For both developers and players, who continue playing the game before and after “release,” the concept of “release” doesn’t have much impact.

We’ll be participating the whole Insomnia gaming festival in April, and also at the Norwich Game Festival in May. These are two big gaming events in Europe, and a great way for Beyond the Void to reach out to new players. We will also have a stand at the Japan Touch Haru/Geek Touch Festival in Lyon, in April and we are planning to participate in the  Gamescom 2017 in Cologne on the 23rd of August.

Here’s our current Marketing schedule:

More events will be scheduled soon.