B2Expand plans for 2018 and more

Hello everyone,

We are excited to present our success from last year and how it will impact 2018 to be our most  groundbreaking year for Beyond the Void (BTV) and the B2Expand Team.

Beyond the Void: From ICO to Early Access

Last year, Beyond the Void Game was the first project in France to be financed through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Since then, ICOs have become a more generalized way to launch projects and we are thankful for our supporters who have been with us since the beginning. Our goal is to be the industry leader for blockchain in gaming and look forward to working with other video game developers who want to utilize this model.

At the end of October 2017, BTV launched into early access on Steam. To date it has now been downloaded and played by almost 20,000 users. Player feedback through this limited-access period has provided us with useful details that will ultimately impact the final version of our game.
Here are some of our main objectives per quarter:

  • QUARTER 1: We’ve brought on a Community Manager, Etienne, who is and will be working within our Discord community and assisting with social media. We’ll also be publishing a new website, improve the positioning of our Reddit community, and increase engagement over all our social media channels. Expect a finalized gameplay update by the end of March 2018.
  • QUARTER 2: The in-game user interface (UI) will feature  an improved design that better suits the atmosphere of the game. Look forward to the addition of features for both Broadcasters and Spectators for Beyond the Void tournaments. Stay up to date on our media channels as we tease development progress for new ships, skills, and more!
  • QUARTER 3: Community growth is going to be a major focus as we introduce more content to the game, balance it as a next major esport, and host official Beyond the Void tournaments through our network.
  • QUARTER 4: We’re bringing back & improving our holiday events from 2018 along with continued balancing of game mechanics, releasing new skins to the shop, and new units to the game. From here we’ll announce the official release date and come out of Early Access!

Here is a detailed roadmap of our main milestones for 2018:

As we develop and launch our campaigns, we will be adapting to the needs of our community while working within prominent community figures in both the gaming and blockchain space. Our ideas will evolve over time, as will deadlines; expect the most up to date communication from us on social media.


B2Expand: A Start-Up With a Vision

One year ago, B2Expand was only the Beyond the Void Game project, developed by a family team of just 4 people. Our start-up team has now grown to 17 individuals, working on projects related to gaming and blockchain. While we can’t share too much, we can tease that there is a new blockchain based game in development within the Sci-Fi genre and that it will have cross-gaming items with Beyond the Void and other Nexarium ecosystem titles.

The B2expand Team would like to take the opportunity to give a special thank to everyone in the community helping make our first game project possible. We’re excited to publish to our next endeavor in the space and it’s thanks to your support that it’s all been possible.

BTV is in Early Access and our efforts working with engaged community members will help us increase our player growth and improve our game together this year. We look forward to seeing you Beyond the Void!

Camille, Etienne and Skai,


Learn more about Beyond the Void, B2Expand, the Nexarium, and Nexium (NxC) at: https://beyond-the-void.net/
For more information, contact us by email: contact@beyond-the-void.net

Introducing Nexarium: A Blockchain-based Ecosystem to Buy, Sell, & Trade In-Game Items

Welcome to the home of the first gaming ecosystem powered by blockchain, the Nexarium (beta). Here you can spend your Nexium (NxC) on limited edition Beyond the Void items, with partner games (based on the same Blockchain technology) being added in the future.

Thanks again to everyone for playing Beyond the Void Early Access version on Steam, we welcome your feedback on Discord.

Discover the Nexarium

The Nexarium is the ecosystem created by B2Expand to promote blockchain-in-gaming products. This portal centralizes in-game items published by B2Expand and provides an environment for partner games based on the same Ethereum technology to be added to the platform. These new games will have the same consistency and artistic direction as Beyond the Void, we’ll have more details to share in a later post. All games added will use the same crypto-token, Nexium (NxC), with Beyond the Void’s items being the first to enter the Nexarium and be distributed on the Corporation shop.

Having the games in the same Nexarium ecosystem will also allow cross-game sharing of in-game items, meaning that the same item will be available in different games. Your Nexarium account will be used to connect to all Nexarium games and apps, including Beyond the Void, the Store, and other games from B2Expand.

You Own Your In-Game Items (Really)

This is the birth of a revolutionary concept in gaming – true ownership of your digital items. Everything you own in Beyond the Void game also exists outside of and independently from the game platform.

With traditional game platforms, you leave your winnings, skins, and any other game items behind the moment you leave it. With Beyond the Void, your blockchain-enabled game items, such as your avatar, motherships, skins, and chests are 100% portable. Your items exist outside of that world, so the time you spend enjoying the game will translate to ownership of the things that make your playtime unique.

You own your skins and can do anything you want with them. Buy, sell, and trade them directly with other people, or put them up for sale on our own Black Market. It’s your universe.

Buy Exclusive In-Game Items at the Corporation Shop

B2Expand is introducing brand new cosmetic items to the Corporation Shop for Beyond the Void players. The Corporation Shop will be selling limited-release items, shipped through space directly to our player Captains. Captains in Beyond the Void can now buy and own their own cosmetic items. Delivery time depends on where your planet is located, as well as your gas allowance.

Many New Items to Collect

Enjoy the beauty of the latest cosmetic assets manufactured by the Corporation. Discover mothership Skins based on the most advanced technologies in the galaxy, buy an essential Pack to achieve your target rank, and choose an Avatar worthy of the baron you support.

Buy & Sell Limited-Edition Items on the Black Market

If you’re looking for goods outside of the Corporation’s pervue, enter the Black Market and trade directly with other Captains. All Captains of the Galaxy gather here to sell their own unique in-game items. This second-hand marketplace is the perfect exchange for good deals, rare artifacts, or even assets that are no longer available in the Corporation Shop.  

Your Inventory Gathers Your Items

In your inventory, you’ll find all the amazing items you have bought. You are the only one in the galaxy who owns them. You can sell some of your items directly from your inventory by creating a sell order, offloading them to the Black Market. Play right, you might even be able to earn tokens (exchangeable for real-life cash) by selling rare artifacts.

So, only one question remains. Are you ready to rise to the challenge, Captain?

For more information, contact Manon or Camille by email: contact@beyond-the-void.net


Blockshow in Munich

Hello everybody,

After a very eventful week at the Blockshow in Munich, Germany and at the CoinFest in Manchester, UK (photos above), we have returned to Lyon, France and are continuing development on Beyond the Void.

Thanks to all of the people who stopped by our stands at both events. It was great to meet all of you in person. Hearing about your companies and the wide range of projects was a real mind opener. We are very open to partnerships: It’s important for start-ups like ours to focus on our core strengths and partner with companies whose staff and expertise complement ours.

As far as connecting with the player community, our visit to Evry Games City near Paris was very successful. We met a lot of gamers and indie game development teams. We look forward to establishing partnerships with them in the future.

Since the very beginning, we’ve wanted to see an ecosystem of blockchain-based games grow around the Nexium. If you’re thinking about joining us, now is a good time to start!

Next event: Beyond the Void’s stand at Insomnia Multiplay (Birmingham, UK) next week; from Friday to Monday, April 14 – 17 !

Beyond the Void’s beta will open on weekends in April, and (almost) all the time from the 3rd of May. We designed it this way so people we meet at upcoming events (Insomnia Multiplay and Japan Touch) can play right away and hopefully get matched with an opponent. Right now, there aren’t quite enough players to support being open 24/7.

We apologize for server issues you may have encountered this past weekend. The issue wasn’t serious, but we were all away at various events and didn’t have a chance to fix it until late yesterday.

This won’t happen again; Maxence will be available every weekend in April for quick fixes, should one server fail.

Timeline update & news

March 22, 2017

Adjusted Development Schedule

Hi, Everyone. Here’s are some updates about our development schedule.

We are pushing back the second and third milestones by one month.

The adjusted schedule is:

  • 2nd milestone: May 3rd
  • 3rd milestone: June 28th

Why? Our development schedule slipped by almost three weeks in January causing us to reschedule the first milestone, and we haven’t caught up since then.

Considering the number of events the whole team is involved with in April, we are rescheduling the second milestone to avoid any timing issues. To reflect this, we’ve adjusted our schedule by +1 month.

Early Access

We’re changing the name of the third milestone to Early Access. During this phase, the game will be feature-complete and accessible full-time to players, as planned, but not formally released. During Early Access, we will respond to actual demand by gradually scaling up the sizes and locations of our game servers. This will make the game available and responsive to the growing player-base. Every bullet point on the Milestone will still be met.

Adjusted Marketing Schedule

To participate in more events, we’ve adjusted the formal release date from June 6th to September 6th.

To clarify, because web-based games don’t sell shrink-wrapped software, a release is a Marketing event, not a Development or Logistics event. For both developers and players, who continue playing the game before and after “release,” the concept of “release” doesn’t have much impact.

We’ll be participating the whole Insomnia gaming festival in April, and also at the Norwich Game Festival in May. These are two big gaming events in Europe, and a great way for Beyond the Void to reach out to new players. We will also have a stand at the Japan Touch Haru/Geek Touch Festival in Lyon, in April and we are planning to participate in the  Gamescom 2017 in Cologne on the 23rd of August.

Here’s our current Marketing schedule:

More events will be scheduled soon.

Beyond the Void Assets addresses

Golden Excalibur: 0xaFab5455948b260e17214D289B6259513e3D4509

Ship Pilot: 0x899c6dEe157592794ac79D4767D47aC7A0563d9D

Fleet Captain: 0x097F659E579b4A5176fbcD4A6AD331A240BE34af

Death Star Commander: 0x01B8b44bC79266FeBb2d359731176a54c9Db93F1

Army General: 0x1afC72E5d599c159550D056eEf27F59C60F68370

Moon Administrator: 0x560d4C1A582F479C37E59F88F95b66B2DC14c95E

Planetary Regent: 0x4eFBa44206005b2fd00041642Bdc956703696E7f

Star Baron: 0xF8D18cCBb70971d292139eb407c047ad93682949

Constellation King: 0x5Ab278585A14027bd79452f0b1693B99A5b0cc80

Galactic Emperor: 0xd08143f7e3E0a39Ac1573ac6E6e8c9b49A8396A6

Aetherlith: 0x42eBfE454e9f1912cd85471656743e051b129497

Tactician Pack: 0xBe1bE4B6eAC09203C7c901d6413CeCc65A378BA0

Beyond the Void shop : how to get started

Beyond the Void shop : how to get started


First of all, you need to install Mist or Metamask. We recommend Metamask, as it is easier to use.

Then, you need to have at least 0,1 ETH on the address you want to use.

If you use Metamask:

1. Click the Metamask fox icon at the top right of the window.

2. Click the top left of the pop up window, and choose Ethereum Main Network.

3. If this is the first time you are logging in, create a password and save the account recovery words.

4. Copy your Metamask address by clicking the copy icon.

5. Send Nexiums to this address using your preferred wallet

6. Send at least 0,1 ETH to your Metamask account.

You’re all set !

To create new offers in the shop, you will need stamps. Stamps cover the transaction fees. You can buy stamps from the shop.

Once you have stamps, you can create selling or buying offers.

Keep in mind that Beyond the Void shop is not an exchange. For people to buy the items you sell, they have to enter the exact price.

Example: You create a selling offer for a ship at 10 NxC. Then, someone creates a buying offer for this same ship at 15 NxC. You won’t sell your ship because the two prices don’t match.

In general, there are no automatic transactions in the shop. Every transaction is manual.

When you click on an item, you can see all the selling & buying offers for this item.

Total supply

You will see that for each item you have a total supply number. For some assets, it can be pretty big, but it can be because we didn’t burn the assets remaining from the backer rank distribution. We didn’t burn these right away because we wanted to be sure all the backers got their assets from their backer ranks.

Buy & Sell items

There are two use cases that you can encounter when you are buying or selling an asset:

1. There is already a buying or a selling offer matching what you want. In that case, you can proceed with the buy or sell, you have the item right away, and it doesn’t cost you a stamp.

2. There are no offers matching what you’d like to spend or earn. In that case, you will have to create an offer, and it will cost you one stamp for every asset you want to buy/sell. You will buy or sell the item when someone responds to the offer.

Cancel an offer

1. Click on your address at the top right of the screen

2. Go at the bottom of the page, and you will see your offers

3. Click on Cancel

IMPORTANT: Transactions

Once you made a transaction, you will have to wait a little bit to see it appear on your account. This is normal behaviour; the shop is waiting for the transaction to be mined.

If you send the transaction again, you will have two transactions made.

Q: How do I send assets from one address to another ?

All the assets are ERC-20 compliant so you can send them from one address to another with any Ethereum wallet. However, to do this, you will need the address of each asset you want to move.

The address of each asset will eventually show up directly in the shop, but in the meanwhile, we will publish a list of assets with addresses.

Q: How can I obtain items that I can sell in the shop ?

If you participated in our ICO last November, then you already have assets that you can sell. If not, you will have to buy some from the shop.

You can’t earn items in the game that you can sell in the shop.

Rescheduling our First Milestone

“A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game is bad forever.”

~ Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto

January 19th, 2017

Hi, this is Remi. A little over a week ago, we brought Johan Dufour on board to be our front-end advisor. His first project is to help us bring out the second major iteration of our shop. I built the first iteration in October, but it just wasn’t good enough! (My strengths are in blockchain smart contracts, not e-commerce front-ends). Johan and I have paired up as a team, and are applying our combined talents to creating a much nicer version of the store. Therefore, we are rescheduling our first milestone from February 8th to February 22nd.

So to summarize, here’s our updated development/release schedule:

  • We’ll distribute the backer’s assets and provide a check balance tool on February 1st
  • We will release the new version of the store on 22nd of February

Please keep in mind that we’re holding a live demo with CoinInterview on January 27th where we’ll demo what we’ve developed so far and provide an update on the project. Then, on February 1st, we will distribute the assets along with a tool for you to be able to check your balances. Then, we will take a few more weeks to release the shop. We also plan to present the finished shop at the EDCON on February 17/18 of February in Paris.

Although these types of delays are common in software development, we understand if some of you feel a disappointed or frustrated by the delay. We care about your thoughts, so we are bringing you news of this delay sooner rather than later. We hope you accept our apologies. Please know that we will continue working hard to make things right.

Sincerely, Remi, Johan, and the other team members.

PS: Keep in mind that we are still going to the following events, which will include live presentations of the game and the store:

Backer ranks calculation and schedule

Hello everybody,

We hope you had a good ICO and everyone is happy with the project so far. We are preparing to distribute backer ranks and need some of you to perform an important task.

IMPORTANT: if you backed the project using BitCrystals during the ICO, exchange your PROTONEXIUM for Nexium by December 30th, 2016.

If you miss this deadline:

  • We cannot give you a backer rank and the benefits that go with it, such as the Nexium bonus and assets.
  • The only action you can take is to exchange your protonexiums for Nexiums.

Starting in January, our distribution of Backer Ranks will follow this sequence:

  1. We assign the Backer Ranks and Nexium bonuses to each and every backer.
  2. We burn the remaining unsold Nexiums.
  3. We distribute the game blockchain assets to every backer.

NOTE: The backer ranks calculations are based on the ICO transactions only. You can manage your Nexiums as you wish, send them elsewhere or trade them, and it won’t impact your backer rank. Backer ranks are a reward for those who supported the project by participating in our ICO. Purchasing Nexiums now from marketplaces won’t create or alter your backer rank.

About the Nexium total supply:

As you understand now, we can only approximate the Nexium total supply until the backer ranks are calculated.
The total supply should equal 61 378 600 + Nexium bonuses that are still to be calculated.

There is a calculation example for a backer rank on our backer rank page: https://beyond-the-void.net/index.php/backer-ranks/

We should burn around 35 million Nexiums in total, again this is only an approximate.