Introducing Nexarium: A Blockchain-based Ecosystem to Buy, Sell, & Trade In-Game Items

Welcome to the home of the first gaming ecosystem powered by blockchain, the Nexarium (beta). Here you can spend your Nexium (NxC) on limited edition Beyond the Void items, with partner games (based on the same Blockchain technology) being added in the future.

Thanks again to everyone for playing Beyond the Void Early Access version on Steam, we welcome your feedback on Discord.

Discover the Nexarium

The Nexarium is the ecosystem created by B2Expand to promote blockchain-in-gaming products. This portal centralizes in-game items published by B2Expand and provides an environment for partner games based on the same Ethereum technology to be added to the platform. These new games will have the same consistency and artistic direction as Beyond the Void, we’ll have more details to share in a later post. All games added will use the same crypto-token, Nexium (NxC), with Beyond the Void’s items being the first to enter the Nexarium and be distributed on the Corporation shop.

Having the games in the same Nexarium ecosystem will also allow cross-game sharing of in-game items, meaning that the same item will be available in different games. Your Nexarium account will be used to connect to all Nexarium games and apps, including Beyond the Void, the Store, and other games from B2Expand.

You Own Your In-Game Items (Really)

This is the birth of a revolutionary concept in gaming – true ownership of your digital items. Everything you own in Beyond the Void game also exists outside of and independently from the game platform.

With traditional game platforms, you leave your winnings, skins, and any other game items behind the moment you leave it. With Beyond the Void, your blockchain-enabled game items, such as your avatar, motherships, skins, and chests are 100% portable. Your items exist outside of that world, so the time you spend enjoying the game will translate to ownership of the things that make your playtime unique.

You own your skins and can do anything you want with them. Buy, sell, and trade them directly with other people, or put them up for sale on our own Black Market. It’s your universe.

Buy Exclusive In-Game Items at the Corporation Shop

B2Expand is introducing brand new cosmetic items to the Corporation Shop for Beyond the Void players. The Corporation Shop will be selling limited-release items, shipped through space directly to our player Captains. Captains in Beyond the Void can now buy and own their own cosmetic items. Delivery time depends on where your planet is located, as well as your gas allowance.

Many New Items to Collect

Enjoy the beauty of the latest cosmetic assets manufactured by the Corporation. Discover mothership Skins based on the most advanced technologies in the galaxy, buy an essential Pack to achieve your target rank, and choose an Avatar worthy of the baron you support.

Buy & Sell Limited-Edition Items on the Black Market

If you’re looking for goods outside of the Corporation’s pervue, enter the Black Market and trade directly with other Captains. All Captains of the Galaxy gather here to sell their own unique in-game items. This second-hand marketplace is the perfect exchange for good deals, rare artifacts, or even assets that are no longer available in the Corporation Shop.  

Your Inventory Gathers Your Items

In your inventory, you’ll find all the amazing items you have bought. You are the only one in the galaxy who owns them. You can sell some of your items directly from your inventory by creating a sell order, offloading them to the Black Market. Play right, you might even be able to earn tokens (exchangeable for real-life cash) by selling rare artifacts.

So, only one question remains. Are you ready to rise to the challenge, Captain?

For more information, contact Manon or Camille by email: