Backer ranks calculation and schedule

Hello everybody,

We hope you had a good ICO and everyone is happy with the project so far. We are preparing to distribute backer ranks and need some of you to perform an important task.

IMPORTANT: if you backed the project using BitCrystals during the ICO, exchange your PROTONEXIUM for Nexium by December 30th, 2016.

If you miss this deadline:

  • We cannot give you a backer rank and the benefits that go with it, such as the Nexium bonus and assets.
  • The only action you can take is to exchange your protonexiums for Nexiums.

Starting in January, our distribution of Backer Ranks will follow this sequence:

  1. We assign the Backer Ranks and Nexium bonuses to each and every backer.
  2. We burn the remaining unsold Nexiums.
  3. We distribute the game blockchain assets to every backer.

NOTE: The backer ranks calculations are based on the ICO transactions only. You can manage your Nexiums as you wish, send them elsewhere or trade them, and it won’t impact your backer rank. Backer ranks are a reward for those who supported the project by participating in our ICO. Purchasing Nexiums now from marketplaces won’t create or alter your backer rank.

About the Nexium total supply:

As you understand now, we can only approximate the Nexium total supply until the backer ranks are calculated.
The total supply should equal 61 378 600 + Nexium bonuses that are still to be calculated.

There is a calculation example for a backer rank on our backer rank page:

We should burn around 35 million Nexiums in total, again this is only an approximate.