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  • The Backer Ranks


    You will receive a rank that matches your level of support for Beyond the Void. Each rank receives advantages and a Rank Card (like Ship Pilot or Constellation King). Some of the advantages are tied to the Rank card, and can only be sold or traded along with the card. To make them easy to identify, we have marked these items with a star.

    See the detailed Backer Rank calculation below the Backer Rank tables.


    Backer Rank

    Ship Pilot

    Fleet Captain

    Death Star Commander

    Army General

      p1 p2 p3 p4
    NxC Amount received



    16 000

    50 000

    Extra Bonus Nxc +2% +4% +6%

    Game points

    +20% Boost*

    +30% Boost*

    +40% Boost*

    +50% Boost*


    Holotag Ship Pilot*


    Previous + Holotag Fleet Captain*


    All previous + Holotag Death Star Commander*


    All previous + Holotag Army General*



    (Event card)







  • Backer Rank

    Moon Administrator

    Planetary Regent

    Star Baron

    Constellation King

    Galactic Emperor

      moon planet sun constellation galaxy

    NxC Amount received

    100 000

    400 000

    650 000

    1 000 000

    1 700 000

    Extra Bonus NxC +8% +10% +12% +14% +16%

    Store Discount





    Store Early Access

    5 days*

    8 days*

    12 days*

    15 days*

    1 Skin for 100 000 NxC

    Skin Excalibur


    Skin Excalibur


    Skin Excalibur


    Skin Excalibur


    Skin Excalibur


    Tactician Pack

    (see pack content below)











  • Tactician pack: 3 new skins and 7 event cards

  • IMPORTANT: The backer ranks calculations are based on the ICO transactions only. You can manage your Nexiums as you wish, send them elsewhere or trade them, and it won’t impact your backer rank.

    The backer ranks are rewards for those who supported the project by participating in our ICO. Purchasing Nexiums now from marketplaces don’t give backer ranks.

  • The backer ranks will be calculated as follows:

    • You are assigned the highest rank based on the ETH/BCY you sent.
    • NEW: We have created several sub-ranks that grant additional assets and Rank cards to backers with specific amounts of excess Nexiums.  

    First, consider the Altcoin you used:

  • 1. You backed with ETH

    Your backer rank is calculated automatically. No need for you to do anything.

    2. You backed with BCY

    Exchange your PROTONEXIUM for Nexiums using this tool: https://beyond-the-void.net/index.php/protonexium-swap/. After that, your backer rank is calculated automatically.

    3. You backed both with ETH and BCY

    Exchange your PROTONEXIUM for Nexiums entering the same Ethereum address you used to send ETH. This way, all your Nexiums add up to give you the highest backer rank possible.

  • IMPORTANT: It is better for you to have all your Nexiums on the same Ethereum address thus to have one backer rank, and here is why:

    Your Nexium bonus and assets are determined by your backer rank, so it is best for you to have the highest rank possible. Once your backer rank has been determined, then we will check if the remaining Nexiums allow you to get a sub-rank.

  • Here is an example:

    Max bought a total of 470 000 NxC.

    His highest backer rank is Planetary regent and he will receive the Nexium bonus and assets according to this rank:

    • 400 000 + 10% = 440 000 NxC
    • The advantages of the Rank card: 5% discount on the store, 5 days store early access.
    • The golden skin for Excalibur
    • 4 Tactician packs

    There are still 70 000 unused Nxc, so Max will receive the bonus & assets from the Army general backer rank (50 000 NxC):

    • 50 000 + 6% = 53 000 NxC
    • Army General Rank Card and advantages
    • 12 Aetherlith

    The bonus & assets from the Death Star commander (16 000 NxC):

    • 16 000 + 4% = 16 640 NxC
    • Death Star commander Rank Card and advantages
    • 4 Aetherlith

    And the bonus & assets from the Fleet Captain rank (4000 NxC):

    • 4000 + 2% = 4080 NxC
    • Fleet Captain Rank Card and advantages
    • 1 Aetherlith

    In total:

    • 513 720 NxC
    • Excalibur golden skin
    • 4 Tactician packs
    • Fleet Captain, Death Star commander, Army General and Planetary regent Rank Cards
    • 17 Aetherlith